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This mod adds a radio station in Goodneighbor. It is across the street from The Memory Den.

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This mod adds a radio station in Goodneighbor. It is across the street from The Memory Den.

The radio has been upgraded and includes over 200 songs. Support your favorite bands with clothing that can be worn with armor and takes ballistic weave.

Holotapes need to be placed in the "holotape loader" on the second floor of the station to be heard when the station is repaired. Ads and shows won't play o the Pip-boy. They have scheduled times to play on the station. The best way to hear them is to remove all non-show tapes from autoloader and wait for them to play. The weather plays every morning at 7am, for example. The show hosts will visit the station to 'record the show' for about a day before the show airs.

Featuring the music of:
Flat Land
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
Bells & Robes
Hail Cassius Neptune
Savants of Soul
Solar Ellipsis
Harvey & Whistle
The Young Step
Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew
Get Down Syndrome

And, the Amazing... Mr Gee

Featuring the voice talents of:
Fallout Off the Record's Rick and Shaline
Dawn Somewhere's Greg and Allen
Toren Atkinson
Jamie Boisvenue, BTech
John Peacock

And a very special cameo by Erik Todd Dellums.

Produced by John Peacock and Dave Johnson

Please leave notes on bugs or problems here or at:

People have come to me with various bugs. The only one that is persistent is that objectives (map markers) for the 'scavenger hunt' quests are grouped and won't disappear from the map when activated. It's going to take hours to ungroup the markers and add triggers to have them disappear properly. Meanwhile, you can talk to Smith to get rid of them if you want.

Someone also came to me with a "radio not playing" bug. It seems to have been a problem during installation. Removal and reinstalling fixed it.

I haven't installed a PC mod since Oblivion. Please let me know if I need to organize or format this differently.
If you are interested in porting this for PS4, let me know. I am up for it.