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In one mod combine multiple palettes of colors for Open Vault Suit.

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Hot News:

In main version 0.6 and optional version BPb fixed manual and automatic installation of the bodyslide files using the NMM.

Added support files for body physics. Look for Optional files in the Files. For the Original and Lovely suits I myself connected physics by CherryHotaling. For Open, Open with shorts suits I take body physics files here. See the description of ways to enable/disable body physics.

Added five colors to Lovely Suit and correction Lovely Suit mesh.
I have completed the conversion from JB (JB - Vault Lovely by Nightasy) to CBBE.


In one mod combine multiple palettes of colors for Open Vault Suit.
At the same time, you can put Vault Suite in different colors to several companions or NPC.
Full AWKCR support. Full CBBE and Bodyslide support.
In you ARMORSMITH in section Clothes - Vault-Tec will be possibility to build four versions: Open, Open with shorts, Original and Lovely.
Additionally you can to craft Vault suits in Chemlab in the category of Vault-Tec.
In armor modifications, you can select an option for colors of Vault Suit.
All the other Vault Suits in the game retain their original color.


Vault Suit Original for mens and womens mesh of Vanilla.
Vault Suit Open only for womens autors of mesh 2pac4eva7, tyronjam.
Vault Suit Open with shorts only for womens autors of mesh 2pac4eva7, tyronjam.
and my conversion from JB to CBBE of Vault Suit Lovely only for womens autor of original mesh Nightasy for mod JB - Vault Lovely.


Color of Vanilla:
Original color and Original color Dirty

Recolor of Azrative:
Navy Black, Navy Black with Pattern and two dirty options
Navy Blue, Navy Blue with Pattern and two dirty options
White Black, White Black with Pattern and two dirty options

Recolor of nitronizer:
Blue and Blue Dirty
Blue Hexa and Blue Hexa Dirty
Lambda and Lambda Dirty
Marine and Marine Dirty
Nova and Nova Dirty
Nova Hexa and Nova Hexa Dirty
Shadow and Shadow Dirty
Snow and Snow Dirty
Stark and Stark Dirty

My recolor to Lovely Suit
Beige, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red.


Add crafting option in Chemlab.
Work with Vault Suit Lovely.
Bug fixes.


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by Caliente and ousnius.
BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius and Caliente.

With NMM.

Download file to location of your choice on your PC and extract archive.
Drag and drop DATA folder of mod into Fallout 4 Folder where the Fallout4.exe is located.
Confirm all overwrites when asked.
Added to file Plugins.txt string "*osv_OpenVaultSuit.esp" without quotes.
Do not forget to make changes in the BODYSLIDE STUDIO.


Unzip the archive into the folder Fallout 4.
To enable body physics in BodySlide Studio make a build for files with _BP in the names.
To disable body physics, choose to build files without _BP in the names.

With NMM.

Delete from file Plugins.txt string "*osv_OpenVaultSuit.esp"
Delete file osv_OnenVaultSuits.esp from DATA folder.
Delete from folders MATERIALS, MESHES, TEXTURES, in folders CLOTHES all folders OpenSuit.
Delete from folders TOOLS\BODYSLIDE\SHAPEDATA and TOOLS\BODYSLIDE\SLIDERSETS folders and files OpenSuit.


Open Vault Suits by 2pac4eva7, tyronjam.
JB- Vault Lovely by Nightasy.
Recolors by Azrative.
Recolors by nitronizer.
CBBE and BodySlide Studio by ousniusCaliente.
Brаin Poof for his video tutorials for BodySlide and Outfit Studio.
Body Physics support by CherryHotaling.
Visit tyronjam, Nightasy, Azrative, nitronizer, ousnius, Caliente and CherryHotaling pages and give them kudos.


Don't forget to come back and endorse the mod if you like it.
Post screenshots to the Image Gallery.

If you want even more variety, upload my mod Union of colors for Slooty Vault JumpSuit.