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This Mod makes a strong and brief effect when the player is being hit or shot.

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O.U.C.H - Overwhelming unforgiving concussive hits...
Sorry. i couldn't help from giving this mod an acronym. It's a bad one... I'll let my self out...

...Aaaand I'm back in.

First thing first - What does this mod do?
Whenever the player is getting hit or shot there is a very intense effect on the screen.

This changes the way you play in a pretty meaningful way. Even though this effect doesn't prevent you from shooting or moving, it hinders your vision. staying in the open and trying to shoot back at your enemy is likely to result in farther hits and farther hindered vision. Instead, you will go for cover to allow yourself to recover and perhaps do some blind-firing in the process. 
I haven't played any game that made me so afraid of getting shot, even though there is no increase in incoming damage or anything like that.
I didn't foresee how much of an effect this mod will have on my own game, and because i liked the result - I felt I needed to share it. 

Available versions:
1 - Blackout version - the screen goes black for one second, after that there is a slight blur for an additional 1 second.

2 - Blur only version - The screen does not go black, but there is an out-of-focus effect for a second.

3 - Double vision version - There is a double vision effect accompanied with a slight red tint. 

4 - Shorter double vision - The same as variant "3" only half the duration.

See the mod in action:
Main blackout version:

Double vision version:
(Disclaimer - The second time im hit in this clip i also get a head injury, and the third time brings me lower than 35% health which triggers a different mod called "Better low health" which tints the vision red. This effect is NOT in my mod. My mod only blurs the vision in the moment of impact for less than 2 seconds)

Why did I create such a mod?
Well, first of all This super simple mod was made mainly for myself. I am playing with a mod i really like called "Stagger mod" (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15693/?) which makes enemies recoil and stagger with every bullet that hits them. I thought it felt much better to have a visual animated reaction on enemies when they are being hit, even if it means that sometimes, from close range mainly, it makes them stagger until the player misses.
However I wished for a mod that makes the player stagger as well, or at least to have a meaningful influence over the player when he is shot, so the player can't just stand there and take bullets to the face and keep firing at the enemies as if nothing happened. 

That's just not fair, now is it?

So I made this mod. 
In long range fire fights your entire screen will go crazy for a moment when shot, and even though you retain complete control over your character and you can move and shoot, this effect is making it really hard to hit your enemies back for that brief second. 
This effect kinda forces the player to grab cover where he can't get shot so he can retain his vision and then return fire. 
From close range against automatic fire or within range of multiple attackers if the player gets shot multiple times in a row than the screen will remain effected for as long as he is hit, and this makes for an even better reason to use cover when engaging enemies. Even weaker enemies can do a good amount of damage if they can turn the player blind for a couple of seconds. 

If anyone wants to upload a video of this mod in action - You are most welcome!

Complementing mods to go along with this one:
If you are the kind of person who likes THIS mod than may i suggests these two lovely babies that might work well with it-
1) Better low health (tints your vision red when health is below a certain threshold) - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6018/?
2) Stagger mod - Staggers the enemy for a moment when he is shot - http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15693/?

Use NMM or just extract the ESP file to your Data folder. 

Remove the bloody file out da data folder.