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Combines the ideas of Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul and Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul) plus a few of my own tweaks.

Permissions and credits
First I want to thank guidaye and Seb263 without whom this mod wouldn't even have been dreamed of, much less achievable.

This mod is a combination of the ideas of Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul and Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul) as well as a few ideas and changes of my own.

Requirements, Very Important!:
-Far Harbor
-Nuka World
-This mod requires Weapons of Fate and AWKCR to be installed first! (links are in the credits.)
-RGABO is not required as all changes have been incorporated, but drop by the mod page and give them an endorsement.

Changes I have made so far:

BETA 1.20:

Full-Auto Update: The Sequel
Also, Combat Rifle re-balance.

-Further reduced Full-Auto Damage Penalty.
-Reduced Full-Auto Range Penalty.
-Added slight Spread increase to Full-Auto Weapons.
-Re-balanced Machine Gun Receivers.
-Added slight Range Penalty to Full-Auto Combat Shotguns.

BETA 1.14:

Okay, so I've done extensive testing on my new Spectacle Island weapon testing range, and not only have I discovered a much more accurate setting for projectile velocity, but with that I've discovered better gravity settings that have noticeable impact without being extreme.

Keep in mind, these new settings reflect real life muzzle velocities only since there's no way for me to add deceleration. This is okay though because I've discovered that most, if not all, combat in FO4 occurs within ~150 meters. 200 is really pushing it, even for snipers. Also, as I said previously there's no way for me to add gravity acceleration, so things fall at a flat speed.

I've changed the speed and gravity for many projectiles, so please let me know if you notice something behaving oddly.

BETA 1.13:

AKA, the Full-Auto update!

-Increased the base damage of Pipe weapons by request, as well as 10mm Pistol.
-Decreased SMG base damage just a bit from RGABO, but indirectly increased damage by removing ridiculous damage penalties from receivers. (Seriously, it's a FA only weapon, why penalize as FA receivers are for other weapons?)
-Reduced and reworked damage penalties for FA receivers. This will indirectly increase damage for all weapons with FA receivers of course.
-Added damage penalties to Combat Shotgun FA receivers. (Since the spread is dramatically tighter, and the range is higher than vanilla this won't hurt it too much.)
-Adjusted fire rate changes on FA receivers. Pistol FA receivers have a higher bonus to their base fire rate.
-Slightly increased SMG base fire rate.
-Fixed descriptions for Machine Gun barrels.

And I think that's about it for this update.

Side note: I'm working on building a weapon testing range on Spectacle Island in my game to test projectile speed. I currently use the same mathematical formula as Weapons of Fate (my speed values are based on different ammo loads though) to translate real life speed to in-game speed. I'm not sure how accurate that is - hence the testing range. I'll try to get it done by this weekend, but then testing might take some time (I can't work on it this weekend.)

BETA 1.12:

Okay, after playing around with a physics simulator and doing a lot of in-game testing, I found Projectile Gravity settings that matched my results with the simulator, but it reduces Gravity drastically. For my own future reference, Gravity is now 0.46. It's barely noticeable, at least at close range. You might notice it with long range sniping. I think the problem might be that gravity doesn't accelerate in FO4 like it does in real life, and you can't zero weapons for a certain distance.

I don't know, you guys tell me what you think. But on the bright side, Missile Launchers are a lot more usable now, so there's that.

BETA 1.11:

Toned down all Laser Damage a bit. They're now 1.5x the Damage of RGABO or vanilla if RGABO didn't change them.

Got rid of Laser Recoil for real this time. (The animation will still act like it's recoiling though.) 

Slowed down missiles to have the velocity of an RPG-7.

BETA 1.1:

Standardized Weights for all Sight and Muzzle Weapon Mods. I didn't like the vanilla system of making every single Weapon Mod a percentage of the Weapon's Base Weight. Since Sights and Muzzle attatchments are largely the same no matter the weapon, it seemed like a good idea to just make them weigh a solid amount instead of a percentage.

-Standard & Glow Sights weigh 0
-Reflex & Glow Sights weigh 0.25
-Short Scopes (& NV) weigh 0.50
-Short Recon Scopes weigh 0.75
-Medium Scopes (& NV) weigh 0.75
-Long Scopes (& NV) weigh 1.0
-Long Recon Scopes weigh 1.50

-Small Bayonets weigh .50
-Large Bayonets weigh 1.0

-Suppressors weigh .50 (Gauss Rifle weighs 2.5)
-Compensators weigh .50 (Gauss Rifle weighs 1.5)
-Muzzle Breaks weigh .50

Increased Velocity and Gravity of Missiles based on AT4s.

Removed Gravity changes to Junk Jet and Syringer until I test it more, they now behave like vanilla.

Removed Recoil from Lasers, Institute Lasers, Gatling Lasers, and Laser Muskets.

Increased Damage of all Laser Weapons... ALL OF THEM...Seriously, let me know if it's too much.

BETA 1.0:

-The "Assault Rifle" is now more appropriately named Light Machine Gun and has been changed back to using 5.56mm ammo from RGABO.
-Added a 7.62x51mm NATO (.308) Receiver to the LMG which changes its name to Medium Machine Gun and has been added to the levelled-lists.
-ALL Machine Gun Receivers are now Full-Auto, four of the redundant ones have been disabled, and they have no Damage Penalty.
-All "Automatic" Receivers have now been named Full-Auto Receivers.
-The Combat Rifle can now found/built as an Assault/Battle/Designated Marksman Rifle/Carbine depending on its parts.
-Shotguns (Combat and Double-Barreled) have significantly reduced Spread.
-All conventional projectiles have noticeable gravity that seems to work pretty realistically (including Shotguns.) The only drawback is the inability to zero weapons for a certain distance.
-All projectiles (minus sprays like flames and such) have EXTREME travel range. This is not the Weapon's Range stat. This allows those who like to play on ugridstoload=7 to do to extreme sniping, at least with lasers (no gravity.)
-Almost all the ammo has been renamed to things I thought were more appropriate/cool. 10mm is now 10x25mm Auto, .45 is now .45 ACP, .357 is now .357 Magnum, .44 is now .44 Magnum, 5.56mm is now 5.56x45mm NATO, .308 is now 7.62x51mm NATO, Shotgun Shell is now 12 Gauge Shot Shell, .50 is now .50 BMG.
-All Reflex Sights have 0 magnification (ZoomDataFOVMult set to 1.00.) The FOV still gets a little narrower despite this, it could just be that I set my FOV to 90. Check the screenshots for an example.

I think that's all the significant stuff I've done up to now.

Future plans:

-Finish naming rules overhaul (this is under construction so you may encounter Lasers with no further designation such as "Rifle".)
-Experiment with weapon mod weights.
-Adjust Full-Auto Receiver Range and Damage Penalty.

Maybe more, not sure yet.

Installation instructions, Also Very Important!:

1. Download and install Weapons of Fate and AWKCR First! (links are in the credits.)
2. Download the main file and drop it in your Fallout 4 Data folder, or use your mod manager of choice.
3. Have fun.


Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch
Realistic Death Physics
Towbie's Realistic Weapon Sounds

True Storms
Radiant Clouds and Fogs
Darker Nights
Interiors Enhanced
Pip-Boy Flashlight
Realistic Muzzle Flash (no more fireballs)
Muzzle Flash (to adjust brightness and distance)

War Of The Commonwealth
Super Mutant Redux
Search and Destroy
No Combat Boundaries

Modern Scope Reticles (seriously Bethesda? What marksman would use the vanilla Long Scope crosshair?)
Clear Reflex Lenses
See-Through Combat Scopes (A patch was just released to go with my mod.)

And lastly, everything I listed in the credits.

All of these combined will make an entirely different and much more immersive and challenging game.


-guidaye for  Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul

-Seb263 for Weapons of Fate (Ballistics Overhaul)

-valdacil for AWKCRVIS, and DEF_UI

-TakaruMinari for Better Mod Descriptions

-zilav for FO4Edit

-And lastly, all the modders who've shown me how to use FO4Edit to achieve certain results (by looking at their mods.)