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A few changes that expands your options in the main story including keeping the Railroad alive!

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ATTENTIONThe ba2 archive was incorrectly named in version 1.2 and below. I've fixed it now but if you have downloaded this mod before you will need to download the new file as the other ones don't work. I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience and will understand if you all kidnap me from my home at night and drop me into a pit of Mirelurks.

COMPATIBLE WITH START ME UP! Made the mod compatible with Start Me Up. Make sure to have this one lower than it in the load order though. Also, just so people see this - If you have already defeated the BoS when you lie to Father, there is a dialogue hang because the conversation is supposed to transition into the Institute destroys the BoS quest in vanilla. For some reason it just doesn't want to simply end the conversation automatically, so you'll have to manually walk away to end it and the story will progress normally. -Fixed in 1.51

UPDATE: Just made it so you don't have to be banished from the Institute for the MinvBoS quest to start. Some dialogue condition changes to the Railroad depending on certain events and endings. Also fixed two vanilla bugs that occur after the Institute ending: One made Dr Volkert break and refuse to heal you, and the other made Allie Filmore turn into a parrot. Have also renamed the mod to Main Quest Choices Extended. The esp is still called Spare Railroad as Institute though.

I have a confession. I haven't completed the main story. The reason for this is a little quest known as "End of the Line" where the Institute sends you off to murder all the nice people in the Railroad. You would think when I tell the Railroad that I've been ordered to kill them off, that I could say something like "Oh btw I'm the Director of the Institute now, so if you could just go dark for now and pretend I killed you all that would reealllly be helpful. That way I, as a Railroad Special Agent with a super special Railroad spy badge and everything, will be able to totally change the way synths are treated by MY organisation without a single life being lost. How's that sound?"

Jesus the way the game...railroads you is so soul shattering that it stops me playing altogether sometimes. Maybe this small change will make it easier to get through, even if it isn't exactly New Vegas.


-Changed "End of the Line" to allow a peaceful alternative to destroying the Railroad.

-You can now continue to do the Railroad main story up until your final conversation with Father. Here you can either inherit control of the Institute, or talk to Z114 and blow it up with the Railroad, your choice. NOTE: For this option to be available, you will have to have completed "Underground Undercover" up to the point where you talk to Z114 after killing the gen1/2 guards in the tunnels BEFORE taking on any quest to destroy the Prydwen.

-You now have more choice of which faction you want to use to destroy the Prydwen. Like when the Institute say they want to get rid of the Brotherhood, you can just be like "Wait wait wait. How about I just use my Minutemen to blow them out of the sky? Y'know, instead of you idiots just teleporting me right into the enemy base where everyone is wearing power armour". You can use any faction you want to destroy the Brotherhood and then end the game with a different faction. Like using the Institute to destroy the BoS, and then using the Railroad to blow up the Institute.

-If you let the Railroad live, you will still be able to do their radiant and post game quests. Also, they won't be saying things like "You destroyed the Institute huzzah!" if you didn't. They won't speak like they are still at odds with the Institute and you won't get quests from PAM to take down coursers. They'll still say "I hope the Institute doesn't find us down here" sometimes though because it's still very recent and the ranks probably would worry about something like that.

-If you didn't take out the BoS with the Railroad, Glory will still be alive and people won't talk like she's dead.

Well anyway to get through the quest without caving in everyone's skulls, when you talk to Desdemona say either "Of course I won't do it. I'm a good guy, a paragon of humanity, a shining beacon of light in the darkness that is this world! You can count on mee!" or "You're still alive aren't you?" This will trigger the optional objective of returning to Father and telling him that you killed the Railroad leaders. Killing any of them will mark it as failed though and you will have to kill the rest of them and complete the quest normally. When you speak to Father the scene will play out just like in vanilla as if you actually had killed them so it might look like your character is an extremely good liar.

Something to note: If you have already destroyed the Brotherhood, I've set the final talk with Father to take another 24 hours to kick off because the whole scene would seem really sudden and awkward otherwise as it would happen immediately following your previous conversation about killing the Railroad.

As well, when you start "Airship Down" for the Institute, the Railroad and Minutemen quests to destroy the Brotherhood will be turned off(failed) so if you still want to do some of the main Railroad story, instead of telling Dr Li "I'm Ready" just back out of the conversation by walking away. Same for the other ones.

The point of no return(for destroying the BoS) for each faction is INST: Telling Dr Li you're ready, MM: Ordering the strike on the Prydwen, RR: Warning Desdemona about the BoS ambush. After that quest though you can quite happily hop to a different faction to finish the game with :)

Also, it's best to install this before starting "End of the Line".

This is just one of the major problems I had with the main quest so I thought I would make it a little more bearable for myself to complete. I feel like others might have a similar kind of opinion so I decided to upload it for all to enjoy :)

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