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The Ghoul mask makes a come back! Now officially on console!!!

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When i was a child my mother always told me there was no such things as monsters. On April 5, 2256 I found out she was lying to me. We were living in some house my mom always called our Sanctuary when the feral's came. She hid me in the cellar and went back from my brother, i refused to come out until the screaming stopped. I spent the next 33 years learning how to hide from them and survive. What ever you do stay out of the cellar!!!

                                                                HUGE SHOUT OUT to Syngrith for totally rewriting the script.
                                           Now your Mask wont make you disguised if you equip it on your follower. Thank you SOOOO much....

                                                                                                         IT IS HERE !!!
                                                                                  Now the ghoul mask back in the wasteland.
                                                  There is a lore friendly one that is hidden somewhere in the glowing sea good luck hunting.
                 Or for those that do not want to look there is one in the cellar in Sanctuary. It protects against radiation and hides you from feral ghouls. 

                                                                    DLC version And Non DLC version and DLC + Compatible with AWKCR.. 

                                                         This mod should be compatible with anything considering i have a plethora of mods.. 


                                                              Mods being used in screen shots.

: CBBE and Body Slide 
                                                       CustomizationUnique Player & Idle Hands 
                                                      OutfitPAMPAS &  PipboyC.U.T.EVisible weapons & Gloves. & Jet pack.

                                                                                             Honorable mentions: 
                                                                  Candy Eyes & Regrowth & Unique followers.Raider Disguise.
                                                                                           Check out my other mod..
                                                                              Tree House player home and or settlement.