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Replaces the default climate weather with several new weather types that are predominantly grey or cloudy, with no sun or sunlight. Works with Darker Nights mod by Unforbidable.

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Requires Darker Nights by unforbidable (with earlier sunsets activated)

13/06/2018 - Updated to version 2.0.0
Now has terminal / Pip-boy control to override current weather.

This is a mod which I made for myself because I wanted to have dull, uneventful weather. It replaces the default climate weather with several new weather types that are predominantly grey or cloudy, with no sun or sunlight, and which are based on my observations of British autumn weather. The mod automatically transitions from one weather preset to another,  quite slowly. The most probable weather types you will see are "misty drizzle", which has yellowish tint and "overcast no sun" which is a very dull, grey day. There is also "moderate rain" which rains but does not have any thunder, "light thunder" which has both rain and thunder, and a "dark thunder" which is darker, louder, more moody thunder storm. There are much smaller chances to get a new, thick fog, as well as a few of the vanilla weathers such as rad storms and clear days.

This mod tends to make it very dark at night, making it impossible to see properly in certain conditions without using lights. So do use your pip boy light, if you insist on venturing out.

Version 2, released in June 2018, allows players to override the weather manually through a holotape that can be loaded into the Pip-Boy or at a regular
terminal. The holotape is automatically added to the player inventory after the mod is installed. Open the Pip-boy, load the holotape "Gloomy Weather Holotape" and choose an option for a weather override. The weather will not change suddenly, but transition gradually and naturally from the current weather to the chosen override over a period of about 5 to 10 minutes.

This mod is not compatible with True Storms or any other weather mod, because it modifies the default climate object and some regional space weather overrides. The mod is dependent only with the original base game and the Darker Nights mod by unforbidable.

This is a simple plugin that you can Install manually or through a manager like nmm, in the usual way.  Please remove any earlier versions of the mod before installing this one, and make sure it comes after the Darker Nights mod in the load order.