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Brings the My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory from Fallout 3 into the Commonwealth as Workshop items.

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v. 1.1 now adds My First Laboratory as a workshop item alongside My First Infirmary!
Watch the new video posted below for details on how My First Laboratory works

If you’ve played Fallout 3 than you’re probably familiar with the My First Infirmary and the My First Laboratory. They were add-on items that could be purchased in-game for your player home in Megaton. This mod is my attempt to bring My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory into the world of Fallout 4. I’ve tried to recreate the appearance of both items from Fallout 3 using assets from Fallout 4. With some custom scripting, I’ve attempted to replicate the unique functionality of each device the best I can.

This is more of a nostalgia mod then anything else, so if the original item in FO3 didn’t do something, it wasn’t added to the mod and will not be added in the future. 

So what does the My First Infirmary and the My First Laboratory actually do?

My First Infirmary removes all radiation and restores health and damaged limbs.

My First Laboratory cures addictions (with the exception of the cannibal Dark Craving) and produces a single random compound (chem) once in a 24-hour period.

This mod makes both the My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory available as workshop items and are perfect for players who might not be interested in settlement building and don’t want to run across the Commonwealth to a doctor every time they need medical attention. They also work well as alternatives to doctors in survival mode, as well as in Fallout: Frost.

Yes, a lot of the need for the My First Laboratory is negated by Chemistry Workbenches, but...nostalgia, baby!

Watch the video for full description of how the mod works:

Watch the new video for the v1.1 update with all the info on My First Laboratory:


The My First Infirmary and My First Laboratory are found next to each other in the Special category of the Workshop menu.

Crafting requirements are as follows:
My First Infirmary
- Level 2 of the Medic Perk
- 1500 caps
- Three steel
- Three Stimpaks
- Three RadAway
- One Antiseptic

My First Laboratory
- Level 2 of the Medic Perk 
- 1500 caps
- Two Addictol
- Three Jet
- Three Steel
- Three Glass

Use Nexus Mod Manager

Or to install manually:
Extract the archive. It contains two files:
RRTV_MyFirstInfirmary - Main.BA2

Place them both into your Data folder.

Simply overwrite your previous installation. The ESP filename has been kept the same as the previous version so you *shouldn’t* lose any items built in v1.0.

None so far. Mod has been tested in FALLOUT 4 v. 1.5.205 and, in games with 190+ active ESPs, with no issues found. Also has been tested using Fallout Frost v. 0.11 and v.21 with no issues.

As info, the textures used in the photos and promo video are not included with the mod. The textures I use are from other texture packs available here on the Nexus.

Thanks to fadingsignal for permission to use his miniature chemistry set mesh on the My First Laboratory.

Do not redistribute or alter this work without explicit permission from the original author (RedRocketTV).

This mod will not be uploaded to or any other site. If you find it anywhere but on the Falllout 4 Nexus, it has been stolen. Please report it as such.

There will not be a console version, so please don't ask.