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Added: 09/11/2016 - 02:01PM
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What this mod does?

This mod adds Viper's warpaint from Doomsday. It is redrawn by hand from scratch to look as similar to film version as possible, however it is still heavily based on older mod - Badass Warpaint made by Skree000 back in 2011 for Skyrim.

It is conversion of my older mod Viper's Warpaint for Skyrim, that was released in June 2015.


Current release contains main warpaint and 11 additional standalone parts you may combine in any way you want. There are 4 variants of this set of 12 warpaints:

  • Standard version with full opacity
  • Standard version with 50% opacity - it looks more washed-out
  • Version for bald-headed characters with full opacity
  • Version for bald-headed characters with 50% opacity

Separate version for bald-headed characters is released due to the way Fallout 4 handles head and face textures. In Skyrim, there is only one texture that covers face and head. However in Fallout 4 there are two textures. One for the face and second for the head.
Because this warpaint is too big and "overflows" from face texture to head texture, it is "cut" by game engine at the edge of face texture. This is not a problem for characters with hair as this "cut" occurs far under them. For bald headed characters there is a special version which deals with this problem.

Right now warpaint has 1K resolution due to limitations of Fallout 4 engine (waiting for support in F4SE; 8K version is ready for release whenever the support arrives).

To do list

  • 2K version (later 4K and 8K versions too)
  • Xbox release


Installation with NMM or MO is required because it is handled by script.
You can either choose one of the versions mentioned in "Variants", or you can mix up textures in your own way!


If you do not use LMCC, there is no need to update the mod. All changes were made only to add compatibility patches.

If you are updating from Viper's Warpatin v1.1 and you used LMCC compatibility patch, please uninstall the mod, make a "clean save" and then install new version. This proces is just for the sake of safety, because old compatibility patch contained some errors.


- added compatibility patch for LooksMenu Customization Compendium v10
- added cleaned compatibility patch for LooksMenu Customization Compendium v8

- added compatibility patch for LooksMenu Customization Compendium v8

- first public release

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