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All perks redone, all weapons and enemies re-balanced, complete new experience.

Permissions and credits
War Never Changes

The most complete, All in One, gameplay mod released for Fallout 4


  • Perk tree completely redone
  • New crafts
  • Weapon balance completely redone
  • Rebalanced combat from bullet sponge to FPS
  • Better AI
  • Replace a lot of different mods in a simple, one step simple and easy install
  • New Game required
  • Season Pass/All dlc required

  • DEF_UI and DEF_INV support







Introduction :

        Fallout 4 is a good game, but it could be a great game barring a few problems. Some of those are, in my opinion, a misunderstanding on what people bought : I do totally believe that Fallout games don't have to be open world rpg with complex quest do be fun. Uncharted : Fallout edition could be totally fun and great, and this is a direction Fallout4 is slowly taking. However the game engine is not built for that and such games offer much less creativity for the players. The main issue is however a negatively-rewarding gameplay. You are getting punished for getting further in the game. What I mean by that is that a low lvl player can have access to a lot more viable weapons and gameplay style and will need much less ammunition to kill ennemies than a high-level player. At high level a player will be stuck by his talent choices that would lock him out of other build due to ridiculously scaling enemies that are crafted to offer "challenge" to the most efficient builds. This create that hateful feeling when you dump 2 clip in the head of a human and barely hurt him. And yourself are barely hurt by anything either and can facetank nukes. Fallout4 endgame is two bullet sponges facing each other until one run out of stimpacks/ammo and dies. The challenge is inventory management. BORING.

My aim with this mod is to give a tactical Fps feel to fallout combat (I'm an Arma player), and emphasizing the roleplay element by
changing the perk tree and it's damage perks that were too game-changing. This mod increase fallout difficulty by a fair margin (there is challenge now) but if you played a fps before it should not be a problem.

I first tackled the problem with Brutality. Back then, neither all DLCS were released and I did not had the patience to change the perk system. The perks themselves are full of design decision which are negatively impacting the game by making the players way too good at specific things, and hence needing to tune the game around those. Brutality just nerfed those perk to limit their impact... Now, i've completely removed them, put new one instead, and I'm also bringing a new ammo system.


Detailed changes :

General Gameplay :

  • Completely new perk tree. Each stats of the SPECIAL is now focused on a single "role" : Intelligence for Unlock and Crafting, Perception for all guns accuracy and damage, Agility for everything VAT and stealth related.
  • High ranking perks allows you to completely bypass some game mechanics but requires significant SPECIAL and level investment.
  • The lower part of the luck branch is now a lot more focused on inventory management.
  • Console enabled on survival (PC only).
  • Terminal text displays faster.
  • Clearer item naming system.
  • Smoother leveling (longer early levels, faster high levels).
  • Epic battles in the story and long quest lines rewards an additional perk point.
  • Ennemies bodies are solid : You can climb on piles of bodies to reach higher places !
  • Stealth is much more difficult.
  • Slower time scale. Vanilla is 20:1, WNC is 6:1.
  • Only the ultimate rank of Sneaky will allow you to bypass traps.


  • No more health per level for the player. Only END and perks affect it. Flat, no End * Lvl.
  • Huge reduction of the HP of most high level enemies.
  • Humans are squishy but can be very dangerous with good gear, Super Mutants have a lots more Hp than humans but worst aim.
  • New damage localization. A headshot is deadly, body shots do more damage than limb shot. Most creatures have a softpoint. Limbs can go flying !
  • Enemies are less spamming molotov and grenades.
  • Molotov do less damage on impact.
  • Rebalanced Survival and Vanilla difficulty rankings. Easier difficulty are really easier while the hardest difficulty should be played with quicksave. Survival is unforgiving and should be played around the "Sleep to save" restriction. (use console on pc, mod it on Xbox)
  • Stealth perks reworked. Instead of boring +% damage, you now gain cool effects like slow time on successful sneak attacks.
  • Enemies will stay alert for longer once you have attacked them.
  • Enemies will follow you even if you change zone.
  • Reduced radar range.
  • Raiders are more aggressive while gunners stay low in cover.
  • War never changes. A lot of creatures will now keep fighting even with a destroyed limb.
  • With the right perk, you can use baseball bats to fire back bullets and even missiles !
  • Survival Adrenaline bonus damage is melee only.


  • Normalized gun damage progression. In a pinch, a .38 pipe pistol can still help you even endgame. A non-upgraded weapon is not doing twice less damage than a fully upgraded one anymore.
  • New ammo system. Most guns can be fitted to fire different calibers. Each calibers does roughly the same damage in every gun, except for pipe weapons that can however chamber a LOT of different caliber.
  • New ballistics : Bullet have some weight and trajectory time, meaning you will need to account for distance when shooting.
  • New special ammos, brought by a perk. Tracer allows you to easily see the impact and set your target on fire, Hollow Point do extra damage against soft target and allow a random chance at critical damage, Armor Piercing heavily reduce armor and do extra damage against robots and power armor.
  • Heavy weapons do some REAL damage. The minigun is armor piercing.
  • The first minigun you find is rusty, do decreased damage and can't be upgraded. Combined with higher damage overall, the fight against the deadclaw is tense and gritty instead of being a game of pinata. Doing so allow for a nice balancing of the other miniguns you'll find later in the game.
  • Improved automatic weapon power relative to semi-auto. With reduced health for everyone, they are deadly.
  • New legendaries affix replacing the old OP one (Double shot now instead increase a LOT the range of the weapon, explosive is now instead a stabilizing affix, etc...)
  • Weapon mods changes the weight less.
  • Missiles and Nukes weight a bit less.


  • Companions aim better and do more damages.
  • Companions are now immune to falling damage. I can't fix their pathfinding AI, but I can mitigate it's effect.
  • Companions now move faster and better when you bump into them.
  • You can have both Dogmeat and a real companion at the same time.
  • With a charisma perk, companions don't use ammo anymore.
  • With the next rank of the perk, companions don't damage their power armor.

Power Armor

  • Power armor is much more effective at protecting you and enemies from damage. Bring heavy weapons or armor piercing ammo.
  • Dramatically increased the efficiency of Science 10 perk fusion core duration.
  • T45/Raider Armor deplete Fusion Core FAST. Just like in lore. Early game 100% PA uptime is not a solution anymore.
  • Jetpack is now a bit cheaper to use. Combined with the other power armor changes, you can use it much more than in vanilla.
  • Jumping impact with a power armor does not generate hostility anymore.
  • Most of the vanilla power frame found in the wild are now broken. This mean that you won't have a power armor zoo anymore and that you should cherish your frames.
  • Overall, much more satisfying PA experience : Giving them to companion is not tedious anymore (no need to repair them after every fight), but the frame scarcity means that you can't hand them out like candies. Power armor is VERY powerful on the player, but energy consumption early game makes it a "choice" (like when going to clean the forged) instead of an automatic pickup.
  • Fixed the "Stealing" bug. Inserting a core in a Power Armor make it yours.


  • No more caps on animals or random mismatched ammo in enemies pocket.
  • Better scrapping system : No more unique holotags used for steel, no more folders and burnt books not being stored in the workshop.
  • Pre-War loot does NOT contain cap. Also overall less caps drop.
  • Less Stimpack/RadAway/RadX drop.
  • Less ammo drop, but you use much less of them.
  • More variety in the loot enemies and container have. This mean you'll carry less armors/weapons with high price/weight ratio but more stuff you actually need.
  • Some human enemies are specialists and have much more loot : A medic will carry a lots of medical items, a drunkard alcohol, some carry water for the rest of their group, others are drugs addict, etc...
  • Vendors sometime sells weapons mods such as tracer ammo or scopes


  • The ultimate charisma perk remove daily and total production limit. It's rank 2 allows settlements with 100 defense to never fall to an attack.
  • With the right perks (Politician and Local Leader), you can have up to 50 (!) settlers per settlements.
  • Longer wires in settlements.
  • Longer powering range for pylons and conduits.
  • Lights illuminate a wider area.
  • No more spawn points inside the settlements. All the attacks are actually coming from the outside.
  • Craftable DLC weapons and ammo in contraptions factories.
  • More natural settlement building and growth : Local Leader Rank 2 is not a "magical unlock everything" perk.
  • Caps collector greatly increase your settlements passive income.
  • Reaching 100 hapiness does not require borderline exploit anymore. If you were at 95 happiness before, you'll be at 100 now.
  • Greatly increased settlement building limit while keeping it save-safe (unless of course you use too many content mods...).
  • In survival, VANS rank 2 allows you to fast travel to settlements.
  • Settlers run to the bell faster.
  • Settlers have better combat AI (staying in cover, using stimpack, etc...)
  • Settlers spawn in more variety of faces.
  • Different settler class : Farmer/Guard/Urban. They come in a 2/1/1 ratio. All can be assigned to any job.
  • Farmers are your vanilla slob. Sometime they have a simple hunting rifle or double-shotgun, not just pipe weapons. Much more variety in armor than vanilla
  • Guards wear good armor and weapons. They also have more hp. They make good provisioners or sentinels.
  • Urbans are suit-wearing settlers with pre-war handguns. They make good merchants.
  • No more floating razorgrain and corn

Mod compatibility

More details : Here

And also more stuff that i don't remember...


Upcoming changes

Sim settlement should work as long as you put it under WNC. For now some inconsistencies in the naming of objects.
Once the SIM settlement author calm down a bit the update rate, I will publish a compatibility patch for those minor details.

Do not hesitate to PM me if you want specific mod compatibility patches. Nearly all of those came from such pm.

Known Bugs
- See bug section. At time of writing,  all known bugs are solved.

How to check if the mod is running and working ?
The simplest way to do that is to open your pipboy and check your perk tree. If there is no "white" icons (perks conflict) and if Bloodthirsty is the top left Perk, chances are high that WNC-GO is correctly installed.

Shall I install a "no sleep to save mod" ?
On PC, no. Simply use the console and type save yoursavename to save and then load yoursavename. it's much faster, there is no bug whatsoever with it, and don't add any more mods to your list.
On Console, yeah.

Will the mod ever come to PS4 ?
No. Sony doesn't allows archives to be uploaded along esp = no scripts allowed.