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Gain in visual quality , play in a new environnement. Fallout 4 in a Fantasy Style.

Permissions and credits

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                                                            WHATS NEW IN THE 2.0 BETA VERSION

The 2.0 of Candy Eye offer a more realistic experience in game. By fixing the saturation and the brightness. Always in work the old versions will be still available and the newest one for public test purpose. Dont forget to submit ur ideas. 

I know that a lot of you waited for this. I know that a lot of my fans are using different mods at the same time and wanted a compatibility. I worked hard to find the perfect way for this preset. And Im working again on it , to give you the best quality when you will play. Theses 3 Pictures are representative of the 2.0 version. 
Like i said , the old ones will be always available until the 2.0 will be done. 

The next step for Candy Eye will be on skyrim and GTA V. So until somebody told me to fix something on FO4 i will not work any longer on this preset after the complete 2.0

Remember that for new this a BETA version , a lot of changes will be done like i said. The only issue is the night that is for me too Dark , some people think its great .. but i have to find the correct path for everyone.

Thanks a lot for yours MP and support. You guys are awesome.

    "Candy EYE is an ENB Preset for High end Computers. Designed to work with 4K textures , this preset will be the best gift for Screenshots Taker and film Maker , by giving the best Fantasy Resolution."  BethespicHD 

" Sometimes this enb makes me feel like Im playing Bioshock infinite I love it!!."      -fallout8681 


A Needed mod for Candy EYE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13596/?

IMPORTANT: In your ENB INI : Set EnableLens=False

Simplay drag all the files in your Fallout 4 directory.For updates of the ENB or the Sweet FX check here:

Download : Enhanced Lights and FX /

Download last ENB and Sweet Fx on the listed site.
Then Copy and paste.
Easy to do :) 

Credits and Thanks.
ENB:  Boris Vorontsov.
Sweet FX: CeeJay
Vivid Mods: Vivid