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1. Turrets can be hacked by Player in the same way as robots.
2. Progressive hacking skills depending on Player's Robotics Expert Perk rank: activation/deactivation, setting self-destruction, scrumbling targeting parameters, overriding targeting parameters, delaying commands, and running Clear&Die program (clear area of enemy, then run self-destruction protocol).
3.Turrets can be hacked only if they are not in combat state. This means Player can hack hostile turrets only if they don't detect him/her or they are deactivated.
4. (optional) Robots can be hacked only if they are not in combat state too. Toggle on/off this feature by Settings Holotape.
5. (optional) Relating to points (3) and (4), pulse grenades and pulse mines have a chance to apply debuffs (shut down and frenzy status) when they hit turrets or robots. You can get these new explosives in two ways: by automatic conversion, when you add vanilla explosives to your inventory, or converting the vanilla ones at chemistry workstations. Choose one of these options by Settings Holotape.

Review by HLessJon (Nexus profile, Youtube channel)


1. Fallout4.esm
2. [Other esm files]
3. THP.esp
4. (optional) THP_VIS.esp

How to install

*Installing with NMM:
1. Add and activate the archive.
*Manual Installation:
1. Extract "THP_xx_yy.7z".
2. Put the main file and the archive (.bs2) in Fallout4/Data folder.
3. Enable the main file in your Fallout 4 Launcher.

How to uninstall

1. Load THP Settings Holotape on any terminal.
2. Select Uninstall mod.

3. Remove THP.esp and its patches manually or with NMM.


THP_VIS patches add Valdacil's Item Sorting-alike inventory tags.

Issues or Bugs

Not known. Please report if you find anyone.


2016/10/27, v. 1.0 VIS-alike sort patches released
2016/10/27, v. 1.0 released

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