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Right handed 1st and 3rd person animations and meshes for....

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War. War never changes. 

But the hunting rifle's bolt sometimes does.

You stuck by our side in D.C., the Mojave, and beyond. But then you got a makeover trying to impress us and show off your fancy bolt animation. Then you became awkward and cumbersome in Boston and lost that special charm you used to have. Now we've brought you back to your good ol' self - nice and tight, quick, and right-handed.

2/2 - UPDATE:
 Finally we can do away with all those separate and confusing optional files. All your needs will be met by ONE SINGLE DOWNLOAD. Thanks to 3D guru MaikCG for helping me fix the export jittering problem. Someone tell Big Maybelle that the shaking has stopped.

Also this won't overwrite the bolt-action animation for anything but the hunting rifle. So we should be good with other weapon mods and mods that change the Hunting Rifle's stats. If you made/had a compatibility patch for the old mod, I'm flattered, but it probably won't work with the new one, so be wary of that. 

What else.... I toned down the camera movement on the reload and hipfire animations. There was a weird black spot on the stock that I managed to get rid of as well. 

This took way to long. I'm surprised that it came out so well, at least the 1st person sets (3rd person still needs work but they do exist). As this was my first time visiting 3D animation land, I barely got out alive and sane. BUT, I managed to take care of all the issues with hand movement, misalignment, and other nonsense to bring you this:

(*New version has less nauseating reload camera*)

Enjoy your new toy. You cannot break it by clicking to fast or reloading during the animation. It comes with everything you need:
1st person hipfire bolt charge - with and without a scope
1st person aiming bolt charge
1st person reload - with and without a scope
3rd person bolt charge
3rd person reload
HR receiver mesh
HR regular stock mesh
HR short stock mesh
(HR advanced stock already has slots for the bolt on both sides. How curious...)

Some assembly will be required until I set up a Mod Manager thing. You know the drill, just unzip and place in \Fallout 

Not possible without:

ShadeAnimator's F4AK - the future is here. Animations are now easy as pie thanks to this wonderful tool. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/16694/?

robersonb1 - a great YouTube tutorial I watched probably a hundred times, and for answering some questions.

NifSkope of course! Because otherwise WHAT THE HELL IS A .NIF?

Bethesda - for a malleable and mod-friendly new Fallout (ya knuckleheads, why'd you go and change the hunting rifle?)

If you enjoy this mod, and if you consider yourself a connoisseur of the more refined, classier things FO4 has to offer, keep an eye out because WAR sometimes changes. I'm talking an all-in-one mod with item condition/ repair, more ammo types and dynamic firemodes, a huge assortment of spooky in-game music, bigtime stats rebalance, special effects, a beefed up arsenal, and more.