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Realistic, age-appropriate face replacers for human & gen 3 companions and other NPCs. FOMOD installer for different character packs or single character selection. LooksMenu presets included. WIP.

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Realistic, age-appropriate face replacers for human & Gen 3 companions and other NPCs.  WIP.

(skip to 8:43 for IW feature)

NEW in 1.7:

Vanilla vs. IW v1.7:

- - - 1.7 and above requires Nuka-World and Far Harbor - - -

Required Mods:  (These are masters to IW, it will not work without them.  Certain of the single character .esps will require either LMS&E OR Commonwealth Cuts but not both, you can open the .esps in FO4Edit to see what the master requirements for each individual character are.   I WILL NOT make compatibility versions to avoid using these master files, so don't bother asking.)

Recommended Mods:  (IW will run without these, but the NPCs will most likely not look anywhere close to the sample photos.  the face textures are a fairly significant part of their appearance in particular so I highly recommend using them.)

Optional Mods (my personal preference, but not really necessary for IW)


Horizon users: Steelmalak has created a compatibility patch to allow the "All NPCs" version of IW to work with Horizon.
Get it here:
Horizon-Immersive Wastelanders Patch

Workshop Framework users:  Although I haven't tried this mod yet, apparently it is incompatible with procedurally generated NPC overhauls.  So, if you'd like to use WSFW alongside IW, you'll need to remove the NPC generation functions in LMS&E by following the tutorial in the comment stickies.

DeLuxe Makeup and Valkyr Face Textures are incompatible with Real HD Face Textures 2k.  LMCC is incompatible with any mod already contained within it, including THBrows.  Immersive Wastelanders is semi-incompatible with most follower altering mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks, it must be loaded after and may cause certain functions not to work.  I recommend Better Companions - No Conflicts for use with IW and other follower looks mods.  It IS compatible with Unlimited Companion Framework and can be made compatible with Unique Player & Followers REDUX.

Issues with CTDs, missing eyebrows or cosmetics, or hair colours showing up incorrectly are almost always caused by conflicts with LooksMenu Customization Compendium.  Please double check the LMCC page to ensure you do not have separate installs for any of the mods already contained within it, or any other mods that may conflict like eyebrows, colour palettes for skin and hair, freckles, moles, and face tattoos (tattoo overlays are ok) or basically anything that edits the humanrace values.

If the mod does not affect the characters you are trying to change at all,  and you do not have any conflicts, it is most likely because you have previously edited them in game using the showlooksmenu/slm console command, doing this will overwrite any changes made by mods in any subsequent saves.  You can either use LooksMenu and the character editor to apply the preset to the character, or use Face Ripper to reset the character to vanilla on your save game.

Constant/severe stuttering and/or FPS drops:  This is an issue that can be caused by the NPC generation functions of LMS&E, there is a tutorial in the comments section on how to remove those elements from the .esp and leave only the new hair assets which IW requires.

Warped/stretched/distorted face meshes on IW-affected characters:  this is a fixable conflict of the FMIN value caused by vanilla updates, if this happens please post a screenshot in the comments and I will make the adjustments.

Dark/brown/black face, no eyebrows/missing face details:  If you have already double checked that the correct [Archive] strings are in your Fallout4Custom.ini file, that you have no conflicts with LMCC, and you are not using Real HD Face Textures 2k, then this is most likely caused by custom face textures and features having resolutions that conflict with the fixed resolution forced by the official Ultra HD Resolution DLC.  You have 3 options here- you can remove the UHD DLC, you can download the Black Face Bug patch here, or you can rename the .esm and .bsa files associated with the DLC to anything other than their original filenames.  I use the renaming method since what that does is allow you to use the UHD textures in your game without triggering the higher fixed resolution for faces, so you will still be able to use all vanilla sized custom textures and features.  Just ensure that the renamed .esm file is still checked off in your load order.  If you're not using the vanilla UHD DLC, or the methods above don't fix the problem, then you may be using other face texture mods with resolutions that conflict with vanilla or something that is editing the same entries as LMCC.  If you're not using the UHD DLC, you may have some other face texture that is not standard resolution installed.  All face textures must be the same resolution or it will cause this bug, and LMCC, Valkyr, and deLuxe Makeup are all vanilla resolution so every other face texture must be the same.  This includes all types of facial features as well as skin textures.  If you tried the tips above and still can't figure it out, please post your load order AND any other texture-only (no .esp) face mods you are using in the comments and I will try to help you narrow it down.  Do not post it in the bugs section as it is not a bug but a conflict. 

Unique NPCs instead of LMSE:
Narrativefiction has been kind enough to make a tutorial on how to switch dependencies from LMSE to Unique NPCs.  I will likely make a compatibility version in the future but for now if you wish to use UNPCs instead of LMSE, you can follow the tutorial linked in the comments.

Unique Followers version:  EDIT: due to the complex nature of the newer versions of Unique Player & Followers REDUX and its use of multiple esps I am discontinuing support for this version.  If you wish to use IW with UP&FR there are instructions HERE on how to make it compatible using FO4Edit, simply install the replacers or packs from IW that you wish, and your preferred version of UP&FR, and then follow the instructions for each installed IW esp that contains any followers.  The last version of my compatibility patch (1.6.1) should still continue to work with the old version of Unique Followers linked below.   

Do not attempt to use this version without thoroughly reading the instructions for Unique Followers.  UF is NOT a plug-and-play mod, you need to have at least a basic understanding of meshes, textures, what they do and how their file/directory system works to use it, since you will be picking and choosing different meshes and textures for each character and putting them in the proper directories.  

Jun Long
Marcy Long
Ellie Perkins
Ronnie Shaw
Proctor Ingram
Knight Rhys
Scribe Haylen
Trashcan Carla

Please leave NPC requests in the comments and I'll get to them.  Eventually.

Created with Face Ripper, FO4Edit, & FOMOD Designer

Check out my Sole Survivor LooksMenu & BodySlide presets at the link below: