Fallout 4
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About this mod

New texture for road and misc
Half size texture of original the textures are about 1/2 less V-Ram used of vanilla
New Unique texture for road and crack

Permissions and credits
Sry for my english Im french

After Road i work on Bulding texture ;)   My other Mod for Bulding texture



Half size texture of original the textures are about 1/2 less V-Ram used of vanilla 
New Unique texture for road and crack 

video by AOD gaming
mod at 2.35 video by Tyrannicon
vidéo by Ubtri
How to install

  1. Download the .zip file of your preference
  2. Extract the folder "Road" to your Fallout 4 Landscape folder. Usually it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data\textures\Landscape\"
How to enable it

  1. Open your Fallout4.ini file located in C:\Users\Garnet\Documents\My Games\Fallout4
  2. Change the line ''sResourceDataDirsFinal*STRINGS\'' to ''sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, TEXTURES\, MUSIC\, SOUND\, INTERFACE\, MESHES\, PROGRAMS\, MATERIALS\, LODSETTINGS\, VIS\, MISC\, SCRIPTS\, SHADERSFX\''

used mod in screenshot: 

My own reshade preset

Vivid Fallout 4 - Landscapes By Hein84

Touch of green By Arisen1 

New overhaul Texture For Road ,sidewalk and highway 

the Road texture is not finished yet but i upload for test  

I work on the weird "too bright pixel" on the road

I'm a beginner on texture modding it's my first try on it  

plz comment and reply for adjustments thx