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[left]                                         Minutemen Relooked

Ever been upset that the one time that Bethesda decides to add in a player faction, it's a very unorganised faction? Fed up of those Grandma-Looking cardigans being the uniform of your army? Want a mod that actually makes the Minutemen into a good-looking faction? Well look no more, because the lord and savior Huzzah is here to reform the Minutemen into a faction worthy of 'Making the Commonwealth great again'. This mod will be available on the Xbox One console, and not the PlayStation 4, as this contains player-made assets.
There is no armor currently. I'm working on it

                                         What this mod does

This mod completely changes the Minutemen Levelled List and replaces it with a reskin (Don't worry, it's a completely new item) of the Army Fatigues, courtesy of Dales' mod, Minutemen Reskin and Standalone. This mod is a great modders resource, and will not clash with my mod. This mod also completely removes 'pipe' weapons from the Minutemen Weapons List, and replaces it with Laser Rifles. Don't worry though, you can still get Minutemen with Laser Muskets (It's all I find). As of 1.2, we've added new outfits, and made some other edits.

                                What to expect in the future

I have HUGE hopes for this mod, and I am happy to announce that I'm already planning quest related stuff! I can also reveal that there will be a custom NPC that will be voiced by a Fallout 4 YouTube celebrity, who I am not disclosing just yet. If you're interested in helping with all this, drop me a PM.

                                          A few questions...

Before you ask, yes this will be available on consoles, however due to Sony's limitation it will not be coming to PS4. I will be considering creating a much less custom-asset made mod that attempts to be on-par with this mod. I'll also be sure to post any FAQs here.


As far as I'm aware, you aren't allowed to use any content included in this mod without the creator's permission. That being said, do not ask me for permission, unless it's something of my creation.


With Nexus Mod Manager
Click download with NMM and it should all work (I honestly don't know, I'm new to all this)

Downloading Manually
Drag it all into your data folder. At least that's what I think. If I'm wrong please correct me.

                                         Special thanks to

                                                           Dales for letting me use assets included in here
                                                           Chucksteel for helping me create the outfits
                                                   Satojo for custom-creating the Officer outfit, beret and helmet
                                                          And many more people, as newer versions release.[/left]