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 As mentioned in the following post on the forums: Post about my mods, everything is offered as is and is now open source minus you still needing to contact other authors for their assets.

What this is:
The Children of Atom Overhaul attempts to bring together all the Children of Atom mods and add to that to make the Children of Atom a more substantial faction.  The feel of the mod is supposed to be more natural and less like a mod so I will be avoiding anything too cheaty or out of character with the lore.  More things are planned to be added so stay tuned!  Go forth, my children, and bring Atom's Glow to the Commonwealth!
Base Game Files v1.4
1.  Settlements at Crater of Atom, Jalbert Brothers Disposal, and Crater house.
2.  Those settlements recruit Children of Atom as the settlers.
3.  The Children of Atom in the Commonwealth are non-hostile towards you.
4.  A T-60 Power Armor Zealot Paint from Emissaryofwind.
Far Harbor Addon v0.1
1.  Marine Armor Boots Fix from Neagoe
2.  Glowing Children of Atom Marine Armor from mm137

Base Game Files 1.3
1.  Add Kingsport Lighthouse (recruits Children of Atom as settlers).  I need testers to see if this will mess up the Minutemen Quest Taking Point: Kingsport Lighthouse.

How do I use this:
Download with Nexus Mod Manager and activate.  For manual users, drop the contents of the .zip file into the Fallout 4 / Data folder and enable through
Fallout 4.

Additional Information:
1.  As always, please post screenshots of your creations and suggestions on what to put on my descriptions, pictures, etc. to make this mod and the mod
pages better and more understandable.
2.  Version 1.5 cleaned with FO4Edit.

From MaesterAelix
"Gotta say, I really like this mod.  Thank you for making it!  My friend is about to start up another game, and he's going CoA with his build thanks in part to your mod.  So, I hope this brings you some of the happiness that you've brought us.  Thanks!"

1. Myself for theCreation Kit work, settlements, Children of Atom settlers, faction work, etc.
2. Emissaryofwind for the
3. Neagoe for the 
4. mm137 for the 
5. angelesnesdreams for the nice Children of Atom Overhaul banner and other ideas.
6. BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah,Tarsis31, Speedynl and the rest of the Fallout 4 community.

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