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Gauss rifle modified to fire reduced damage Mini Nukes for close quarters combat with minimal splash back damage to player.

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Nuka Gauss Rifle (alpha release)
by Zaa Mods
“Maximum Mayhem with Minimal Damage”

This is my first mod (in fact it is the first modded weapon I’ve even played with!) It is something I’ve always wanted when playing the modern Fallout games. I am one of those people who never uses a Fat Man. It is too bulky and powerful to use in anything but the toughest situations. And half the time I end up blowing myself up if the enemy is too close. But who doesn’t like making mushroom clouds? 

I took a Gauss Rifle and modified it to fire a minimized version of the MiniNuke that reduces the damage and splash radius, so that you can use it in close quarters combat without taking too much damage. I also made sure it is not overpowered when dealing with enemies, so it takes several shots to kill even some lower level enemies. Basically I like the explosions and the mayhem it causes and did not want to necessarily make a gun you can use to annihilate everyone in one shot. 

This can be found in a container on the other side of the bridge leaving Sanctuary on the way to the Red Rocket. The container contains one shot and triple shot models along with a ton of ammo. There is also a Fat Man (may even spawn as an MIRV) and a Gauss Rifle with ammo, which I had spawned for testing purposes but it seemed to go along well with my lore so I left them there. If you are at an early stage and don’t want to be overpowered, you can just decide to ignore them. I also put a few shipments of nuclear material which seemed to make sense, but that is definitely a bit of a cheat since I have spent way too much time buying shipments of these. The container will respawn if you need more ammo or want to equip your settlers with these.

I altered the sounds, projectile and explosion files so this ended up being a lot more complicated than a normal gun, but I learned a lot about how all these elements are interconnected. I did not utilize the “charging up” feature of the Gauss rifle though. I’m not sure how this levels up, I only tested it at lower levels. I think maybe the ballistic damage will level with you but most of the damage comes from the explosion. At any rate I feel like it would be more fun if it takes 20 shots to kill a tougher enemy so I’m not worried about it being underpowered at high levels. 

There are no new textures in this gun, visually it is a vanilla Gauss Rifle and vanilla Mini Nuke. I did try to create a texture but I was having trouble with the material swap. This was right around the time they announced the details of PS4 modding, and because I mostly played this game on PS4 until building a computer a couple months ago, I figured I would keep this one simple so I can use it with my beloved characters on the console. So there definitely WILL be a PS4 version of this, hopefully right after they add modding capability. 

Let me know if you think this won’t be possible but since I only changed the assets in CK it should be ok. Also let me know any bugs or suggestions you have. I ran it through FO4edit and caught all the little mistakes I made when I accidentally grabbed some smoke layer or whatever, and I also changed one of the sound files instead of making a new one, but those should all be fixed.  If you want to include this weapon in a weapon pack, or in a quest mod, please let me know. Next I will learn to make a location and NPCs and vendors and will probably include this gun with both a vendor and an enemy. My goal is to eventually make some quest mods, and creating mods as I learn new things. But I will probably keep this simple version active too.