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This Mod gives you RandomPanser as Companion on your side. She will come with her own story related landscape and Quest.

Permissions and credits
  • French
RandomPanser – A Voiced Standalone Fallout 4 Companion

The Queen of the Interwebz has finally arrived in Fallout 4! For those who do not know her, - she is a Vlogger on YouTube. On her Channel "Tradechat" she speaks regularly about World of Warcraft, and Blizzard. She also dabbles in an occasional commercial and/or charity video as well.

Now a small part of her (fictional) story:

As the bombs fell on the Commonwealth, she was placed in a vault. Much like your Player-Character. 200 years later, she crawled out of the frozen confinement and has since been on the run. She needs your help!

With RandomPanser come the following features to the game:

-She has her own Fallout 4 story, which is told through books, terminals, and a quest.
-She has a fully working affinity quest. That means, you are able to fall in love with her, or make her your enemy.
-As previously stated, she is a fully voiced companion. "Anduniel" (Nexus Nickname) gave her, her voice and did an excellent job.
-1 New Exterior Location:  which is an area somewhere in northern New York county – a Village/Small Town setting.
-16 New Interior Locations, like new Subways, a Super Duper Mart, and Vault Interiors.
-1 New Town, with 12 Interior Locations.
-6 New Clothes:  A black dress made by fussionzz97 (he also have made standalone version, to find here), a new Vault Suit, a new Slave Outfit, a new bikini [based on Monno´s Bikinis], a new T-Shirt Outfit, and a new Commonwealth Shorts Outfit [based on nsk13s Commonwealth Shorts]

Other Features Include:

-She can hack terminals for you, and has prowess in using Automatic Guns.
-She can use and leave Power Armors/Power Armor Frames.
-She is marked as essential, so she cannot be killed.

Her Location:

You can find her by the Diner between County Crossing and Nordhagen Beach/The Mechanist Base.

Available Translations:
-French Version by TheDoctorMadness

If RandomPanser in Fallout 4 is not enough for you, RandomPanser is available in Skyrim as well! The mod was made by Queenieangel and I (I just made the tattoo-textures). Link:
Also is RandomPanser now avaible for the Skyrim Special Edition! bchick3 converted Queenieangel's mod to SE. If you like to travel with her through SE, follow this link:

Installation Guide:
-Download and unpack the file with 7zip (external link) or something similar.
-Simply copy all the files how they are in your Steam Fallout 4 Data folder (something like this in the steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/data/ ... directory).
-activate the mod with NMM or something similar.
-Have fun!


Helpful mods for RandomPanser
The Companion Whistle: If RandomPanser gets lost, you can simply call her back with the Companion Whistle. This also works with every other companion, as far as I know.

Incompatibility Warning:
It is possible that this mod might be incompatible with any other mod that changes the surrounding area around RandomPansers spawn point (the Diner south of County Crossing) and the area around the Subway-Entrance near the sunken town in forest grove marsh.

Known Issues


"theSamGaming" have put a awesome video with RandomPanser on YouTube! (start at 02:31)


Why did you bring RandomPanser into Fallout 4?
-Because I have the Power!  MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  No, no, … Ok, that wasn’t the real reason. The real reason is, because I'm quite a fan of hers for years and she is so damn lovely and adorable and… I should close my mouth now… :P

But… did you not for 1 second think of the Lore of Fallout 4 before uploading her to Nexus?
-Of course. RandomPanser’s history was designed having Fallout timeline in mind, and includes all the "historic" Fallout events.

Why did you design Panser the way that you did?

Can you please upload a version of this with any other specific BodySlide?
-I will not bring more Bodyslide variants of her out. If it were a fictitious character, I would think about it, but not one modeled after a real person.

Hey, you didn’t really match her appearance...
-Yep. My CK is bugged, especially if I try to work on/change the eyebrows of an NPC (even more if I try to use non-vanilla brows and here is the main issue:  In Vanilla Fallout 4 there are no brows that match Panser’s exactly). If someone out there has tips for me for using Non-Vanilla brows in the CK, or FO4Edit, please message me (but remember the mod should still be standalone).

Now that you have already brought RandomPanser to Fallout 4, can you also make and upload any particular vlogger mod?
-No. I'm sorry, but I already have a plan on Companions that I will (or might potentially) bring to Fallout 4, which is enough to keep me busy for a good while :).

What is with these new Locations?
-I wanted to have for my RandomPanser Mod (and maybe other mods in the feature) a Vanilla, and from other mods, “clean” Locations. Actual the Landscape/Interiors exist only to provide Story Events for the RandomPanser Follower Mod.

Where can I find the new clothes that come with this mod?
-They are located in the general vicinity of the spawning point of the 4 Raider Bosses. In the first versions, the Bosses had these clothes in their inventory, but since some users had problems with them, I have put them in the nearby area.

Why are there more Doors in Vault 146 than Rooms?

-I had to sacrifice some rooms on the “Altar of the Performance Gods” (It is real… look it up). I left the doors in the Vault, BECAUSE IMMERSIVE REASONS!!!!

Why did you choose these clothes and not others from her videos/shows/photoshoots/etc.?
-I wanted to have clothes that were different from each other and also are well known. Also, I lack the knowledge to make new clothing at the certain standard that I would like to have with this mod. I just know how to retexture existing things. For these three reasons (and that I cannot find any other clothing that properly fits her, and I do not want her running around in her Birthday Suit… standard at least) I am restricted to using existing, yet popular, outfits.

Are the exteriors intended to be so lightly populated with NPCs or enemies?
-Yes. I orientated by the exterior cells more on Fallout3 and a little bit on New Vegas. That means, you will not have a new enemy on your ass every minute.

Besides that, the interiors and exterior parts with many enemies will come in later updates.
Why are some NPCs not voiced in your mod?
-Due to lacking the time to look for help. I will try to find a voice for all of the characters someday in the New Land in my mod, but this will take time.

Why didn't you use the full amount of Prefabs, Billboards, Posters and so on?
-Because I can't use some of them. Take the Billboards as example: Some of them advertise for things in Boston, like some Baseball Billboards (and remember, after you go through the subway interior levels, you are not in Boston anymore). On the other hand, Billboards like the Nuka Cola Billboards, or the Red Rocket ones are sure to find all over the Fallout 4 – USA.

Why does RandomPanser talk about Molerats, even when there is a dead Bloodworm right next to her (or similar situations)?
-This has a technical background. Comments like these are triggered by opponents or their "items". In the case of Bloodworms, these would be the Bloodworms themselves, but also their "earth holes" which unfortunately seem to be the same as those of the Molerats. So in this case it is possible for Panser to make a comment about Molerats. This is not a mistake, but rather a... "Fallout 4 just works this way, unfortunately" issue.

Why did one of the new Settlers not appear in one of my settlements?
-Settlers need a certain amount of time to reach a settlement. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how much time. What I can say is that in 3 test runs all the Settlers arrive in my chosen settlement in under 10 days (in my case I had choose the "Oberland Station"). So give them a bit of time, they will arrive eventually.

One of the possible Settlers does not talk to me, but runs away and randomly disappears.
-Every Settler dialogue in my Worldspace takes place between the Settler and Panser. If you are traveling alone, or with another companion, happened what you saw. However, if you want to hear the full dialogue you must have RandomPanser as your Companion.

What do have you planned in future for this mod?
-I plan to give RandomPanser sentences for Fallout: Miami (and similar big mods) if it comes out, but after my experience this large mods will take much time before they are ready for a release.

So, I think it is not a lie, if I say that this mod is already finished. Even with big mods like Fallout: Miami in mind.

Maybe I will one day work on the worldpsace again, but then, this will have nothing to do with RandomPanser and/or her story.

You said this mod isfinished, but I have found an not accessible building in your worldspace.
-Yes, there is one and it will stay as this forever in this mod. Reason for that is, that I will use this building for a other mod I working on. You will then be aible to enter this building via another mod.

Can I upload your mod on another site?
-Of course not! If I want to see my mod on another site, I will upload it there myself. Please don't upload my Mod on another site without my permission!


-RandomPanser's quests and all other written things in this mod include actual 136 pages in LibreOffice, and there are always new additions... This is already a small book!
-If the Vault Dweller in Honeywall reminds you of someone, then I must say that you Sir or Ma'am have a really good taste in movies!
-Derpsdale is a user on the Nexus. Not a RAD-Scorpion. I mean in the mod he is one, but not in the reality... maybe... Anyways, he is a nice guy, who spell checks everything in this mod. So thank him sometime for it, with an Endorsement on one of his mods!
-Even if the mod started as a one man project, sometimes 4 or more people working on it. 3 of them all the time! Which are Anduniel, Derpsdale, and I. But also fussionzz97, Elestalise, halo22, mcr3127 and DrinkGameRepeat have left their fingerprint in this mod. Thank you all for that!

Special Thanks to:

Anduniel (Nexus Username) – For her stunning Voice Acting Job. I can't thank her enough. (Website:
chucksteel (Nexus Username) - For helping me to understand the Fallout 4 CK and his advice.
Derpsdale (Nexus Username) - For his advice on a ton of stuff, and for translating my words from Bad English into moderately passible Good English :).
DrinkGameRepeat (Nexus Username) - For voicing Jaquline and Grace Connor.
Elestalise (Nexus Username) - For voicing Emily Griffin.
fussionzz97 (Nexus Username) - He made the black dress that just looks perfect on her (if you like to download this dress as a standalone version, click here)!
halo22 (Nexus Username) - For voicing Benjamin Miller and Jacob Griffin.
mcr3127 (Nexus Username) - For voicing Amelie Hanson and Charlotte Johnson.
zyd232 (Nexus Username) - For his advice on a ton of stuff.


Daniel McGamer - for his Fallout 4 CK tutorial YouTube videos.
Nuka Mage - for his Fallout 4 CK tutorial YouTube videos.
Seddon4494 - for his Fallout 4 CK tutorial YouTube videos.


azarkiowa – for Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar 2.0
Caliente and Ousnius - for CBBE
Derpsdale – for Standalone Epic Haircolors (160 and counting)
highhthere and Aubri – for the Monno´s Bikinis
jimtownirish – for True Eyes – Fallout 4 Edition
Mr.Dave – for the Eye normal fix Fallout 4 Edition
mrjack900 – for the Natasha Face Texture
Nexus – for making it possible to release and host mods
nsk13 – for the Commonwealth Shorts

Programms used (and many thanks to the programmers):

-Bethesda Archive Extractor (Jonwd7)
-Creation Kit (Bethesda)
-Face Ripper (Xatmos)
-FO4Edit (Zilav)
-Material Editor (Ousnius)
-Nifskope (Jonwd7)