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Visuals. Balance. Performance. Pathos.

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Now also available for The Witcher 3

They destroyed your world.
They killed your past.
They stole your future.
This world is just like you. Estranged. Pathos ENB intends to make you feel that.
It has been created with simple objectives in mind:


It's always a crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon in the Commonwealth. No more.


You won't have to worry about how your game will look when you go through that next door. This preset has been tested to allow you to experience any situation without breaking immersion (not including scripted events and effects).


It will make your game cry, but leave your computer smiling. With the
priority being playability this preset is as light on your machine as possible while enhancing the visuals as much as possible.


Your home has been destroyed, your love killed in front of your eyes, your only son taken from her dead hands, you awake after being frozen for almost 200 years. Someone who has experienced these kinds of horrors would see the world through different eyes. They would see a hurt world that's being cut by the dawn, raging through the day, bleeding at dusk and swallowing them whole when darkness falls.
Now you can.

Installation (for the Vivid Weathers version):

1. (Required) Install Vivid Weathers - and very importantly: during the installation process choose the DEFAULT vanilla brightness option (the one that doesn't increase brightness) (Spring or Autumn version recommended).
2. (Optional) Install True Storms and the Weather Synergy Patch. Again chose the vanilla options if asked.
3. (Required) Download ENB v311 and (from the WrapperVersion) copy the d3d11.dll and the d3dcompiler_46e.dll and the enblocal.ini into your Fallout 4 root folder.
4. Download and install the latest version of Reshade (https://reshade.me/). When asked during the installation process download ALL the effects.
5. Download PATHOS - Vivid Weathers and drop all the contents into your Fallout 4 root folder. (If you want to disable/enable DOF, open the enbseries.ini and change the line EnableDepthOfField=false to EnableDepthOfField=true).
6. Start the game, wait for the shaders to load and press SHIFT+F2 to open the GUI.
7. Click "continue" and then on the right hand upper corner click in the "+" symbol.
8. Type in the name "PATHOS". You should now see the shaders activating.
9. Under the "Settings" tab now change the button-down menu that says "configuration mode" to "performance mode".
10. Please endorse if you like it.


True Storms is compatible if used alongside Vivid Weathers using the Synergy Patch

Recommended mods:

Vivid Roads and Bridges (bright asphalt version)
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Commonwealth Conifers Redux
AMBIENCE - cinematic main menu replacers (PATHOS version available)


JoPineapples68 for his FilmicPass and other Reshade edits
IheartRunningman for his great work on Chalk Outline Cine with Reshade and ENB v307 which provided the base framework and inspiration for this preset
Mangaclub for Vivid Weathers
 AGreatWeight for the showcase video, banner, screenshots and moral support
fadingsignal for True Storms
Wenderer for the Synergy Patch
Ultimate Immersion for another great showcase video
Gundamzeppelin for his well-spoken review
lOOping for the postpass shader
Boris Vorontsov for creating ENB
Reshade framework obviously
Ioxa for iofx
tardcore for testing and advice
The most beautiful girl in the world
And you.