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Our favorite level 4 merchant found an old Vault-Tec box full of goodies instead of properly traveling to your settlement following recruitment! 4 supremely chopped and mashed up outfits! (thanks to Bethesda for not fixing Rylee)

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MunkySpunk's Rylee's Wasteland Tycoon for CBBE and Atomic Beauty

(Upload screenshots for us all to enjoy <-closing parenthesis left off by mod's half-assed editing job

Did you ever fall victim to the Rylee trader bug? Where you meet her in someplace that I won't spoil, recruit her, send her on her way, and she's blown to the whims of fortune, never to show up again like a fart in the wind or your belief in the decency of your fellow man? Me too. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, look up the bug.

I introduce the first installment of "MunkySpunk's bugged NPC inspired outfit collection" for Fallout 4. Rylee's Wasteland Tycoon.

Rylee's Wasteland Tycoon is a collection inspired by asking myself, "Where the hell did Rylee go? She said she would meet me at Sanctuary... Son of a... What a flake!!!" I wanted to do a mashup, but found inspiration lacking until I assigned some stuff to an NPC's background in my head. Then it was easy. So that's where I got the idea to make a bugged NPC collection.
Look for Tina DeLuca's Fratricidal Drug Pimp Wanderlust ensemble next!!


Here's the -very short- story of what happened to Rylee:

Rylee was flattered at the Lone Wanderer's proposal. She needed a steady base of operations for her burgeoning business, and this sounded like a great up and coming settlement where she could get in on the ground level. On her way to the settlement, Rylee passed by the Vault-Tec headquarters, and decided this might be a good place to look for scrap. In it she found a chest (told you this was short) containing Vault-Tec R&D division's latest paramilitary and civilian gear. Specifically, she found 4 outfits sealed in bags with a official Vault-Tec documentation attached to each:

(Rylee's) Hard Sell outfit - Vault-Tec encourages field operatives to utilize this attire for the door-to-door sale of Vault spaces. As you know, things are rapidly deteriorating between China and the United States. We anticipate sales to quadruple in the next quarter year over year with our prospectus looking particularly bright in the case of total nuclear annihilation! Please wear this attire to help enforce the notion on the customer that you are a representative of Vault-Tec. Make the sale and your stock options will be worth a fortune after the apocalypse! (+3 Charisma)

(Rylee's) Night Scavver outfit - Vault-Tec's latest efforts into assisting researchers and other scientists from pesky IACUC, IRB, Justice Department, and other ethical inquiries utilizes the latest technology in strength enhancement without sacrificing mobility. Government inspectors want to know why you're sawing Mr. Smith's head open while he's inhumanely forced to watch Batman vs. Superman like something out of A Clockwork Orange? Well, we know you're doing him a favor by removing his brain because the movie is a steaming pile of cinematic shit and could damage it permanently, but does the government? There's no need to worry if you're not there. Push open that emergency escape and slip out the back door. They can't convict us if they can't question us! How do the elbow pads stay on? Haha.. We don't know that either! But it's only mildly radioactive. (+2 Agility and Chameleon effect - Stealth Boy when crouched and not moving)

(Rylee's) Road Merchant outfit - Vault-Tec recommends the use of this ensemble in more inclement weather when making a sale. The patented Sesame Street Big Bird feather liner sewn to the blue and gold official Vault-Tec jacket will keep you warm in the chilliest of weather. We ate well after harvesting those feathers I can tell you! R&D has promised us more mutated yellow canaries in the near future - world hunger and down filling shortages solved by science! (+3 Charisma)

(Rylee's) Lucky Scrounger outfit
- Vault-Tec has assembled this collection specifically for the field managers. This outfit is meant to represent Vault-Tec's inspection division (green), and is to be worn when inspecting Vault-Tec official work for public use. Remember, finding something wrong with the Vault not only saves lives, but we can terminate the offending employee and make room for a paying family! Your stock prices increase! Think of the post-apocalyptic life you'll be leading! (+2 Luck)

This ensemble is a retexture and mashup from many different sources, all graciously shared with permission from the authors. I built versions for both CBBE and Atomic Beauty. Download the one for the mesh you use. Note that the main file, as-is, requires crafting the outfits at the chem bench under 'utilities' and a host of functionality, like modding at the armor bench for increased carry weight due to the messenger bags, is not supported. All outfits can be reinforced with ballistic weave and act as a vault suit for the sake of armor.

If you want full functionality, you need to use Armorsmith extended and download the Armorsmith patch from this mod's page. It is an overwrite of the main file plugin and will not add anything extra to your load order file list. This allows you to add lining, other mods, and increase carry bonuses (keep it balanced) to the outfits at the armor bench.

I have set up the outfits to have lots of zap sliders so you can use bodyslide to remove scarfs, fishnets, collars, messenger bags, etc..etc..

Notes and crap:
There are lots of components to this wardrobe - expect imperfections. Both versions have meshes that are pre-built to zero'd slider body types. If you want to change that, use bodyslide. Outfits are found in groups 'Rylee's Wasteland Tycoon' and 'AB Rylee's Wasteland Tycoon' for CBBE and Atomic Beauty respectively.

There will be subtle differences between CBBE and Atomic Beauty versions. This is due to different assets available for each mesh. That's just the way it is people.

I used Looksmenu and F4SE to put Rylee's face on my PC for most of the screenshots. Pipboy appearance not guaranteed if the outfit is used on NPCs. Some of the screenshots were taken while this mod was a work in progress, so there may be subtle differences there (kneepad for Road Merchant for example, and the collar permission is hopefully pending)

Need help with:
Weighting the messenger bags. Half of it moves with the bones, half does not. I'd like the bag itself to remain unwarped and the straps to warp with movement. I don't know how to do this or if it's even possible.

Getting Grinnginurchen to answer their PMs.

Most of this is a mashup and not mine to give permissions for. My part was mostly retexturing, deleting some parts of meshes, conversions, a whole shitload of cleaning up, and writing the plugins. If you'd like to use any retextures or bodyslide files, please drop me a PM. I'll almost definitely say yes unless you're one of the modders who is a douche about sharing. You know who you are. No really, I care more about ass clowns not using this than what they're going to do with it.

The list is long. Permissions are either explicitly sought and granted via PM or blanket given for the community to use. If I have missed anything, I assure you it was unintentional. There were a LOT of components to this and parts of meshes I deleted, and I sincerely believe I asked everyone I needed to. Please PM me and I hope we can resolve it. I do not ask for any money for this, so please don't knee jerk and get the mod removed without even trying to reach an amiable agreement or giving me time to find a substitute, you're just taking away from the community:

Gambit77 and Valdacil - Armorsmith Extended
Caliente - CBBE
Ousnius - Bodyslide and Outfit studio
Themilkdrinker - Atomic Beauty
Apalmemnom - Armored Leotard
Petrovich - Simply Clothes
Invalidfate - Simply Clothes CBBE Conversion
DeserterX and nsk13 - Commonwealth Shorts
Zenna - Fishnet stockings
ArekkusuStorm - Scarf
Eferas - Messenger bag
Av64760 - Denim Jeans and belt, more straps and accessory thingies
Vugluscris - Undies
CommanderMiranda - Messenger bag retextures
Ralfetas - Jacket
Vasstek - Military and Nano accessories, Nano armor doodads
Grinnginurchen - Toxic Raider Collar (actually it's not in here yet, please read your pm inbox and get back to me, versions with collars are made and waiting)
DixiePig - Slooty Vault Suit
Myself - Lots of retextures