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A port of the mod "Mojave Stormtroopers" from F:NV.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a port of "Mojave Stormtroopers" by AssduffJayKayEl. You can craft the armors at the chem lab under the category "CW Stormtroopers".

Just leaving this here for anyone curious:
Update (10/26/18): This mod isn't dead. The next major update will, probably, be in a 1 year.. maybe less. In case it isn't obvious, I'm an incredibly lazy person, and I could finish the next update (2.0) in about 1-2 weeks, but modding fallout (and just Bethesda games in general) is very tedious. 


Nothing here yet..


Q: Can you/I port this mod to console?
A: No, you can't, not even I can.

Q: The armor is invisible!
A: You need to do ArchiveInvalidation. Google it.

Q: Will you make clone/other star wars armor?
A: No, not now anyways.
maybe in the future??

Q: Can you add the power armor voice effect to the helmet?
A: No, it's currently not possible. Maybe when F4SE is finished in the next decade or two.

Q: I crash when I equip the armor.
A: There's a known conflict with CBBE.. you probably have this mod, like everyone else does. Otherwise, ???
Will probably be fixed.. eventually.


New stuff in next update: (2.0)
This list isn't definite but should give a general idea of what will be added.
  • Scout trooper armor
  • Inferno squad TIE Armor (+ TIE Pilot armor)
  • E11 Holster
  • Space Trooper Jetpack 
  • EVO Tr. Armor (Not for sure)
  • Magma Trooper Gear
  • Stormtrooper Light Pack
  • Imperial Officer Uniform (+ stuff from original FNV mod)
  • General fixes and improvements
1. Warping near the ST bell armor pieces
2. Clipping :/
3. 1-2 Textures don't currently work
4. Crashing when equiping armor.

Oh, and here's the amazing E-11 Blaster from the screenshots 


Ghogiel - created original Stormtrooper model and textures (and some other models/textures as well)
AssduffJayKayEl - created most of the textures and some models in this port. 
jlilly1 - Helped test my port (and still is) and gave me feedback in general.
stewi0001 - ESP work, made multiple textures - thanks!

Material Editor
3ds Max
Outfit Studio

Big thanks to AssduffJayKayEl for giving me permission to upload this port and to Ghogiel for allowing us Nexus users to use his assets.