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Title says it all! It's my 5th mod... See description to know more about this Cleaner Far Harbor Environment mod!!!

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============Cleaner Far Harbor Environment============

400+ Endorsements! Thank you very much! U guys are awesome!

Welcome to my 5th mod! Now it's Far Harbor become cleaner...

People here do fishing to live, but when I see those fishing net, one word, EWW!! They're fishing "trash"!!
So the trash are laying here and there in this very small city and this make it like a "dump, dirty" place...
I'm here to clean them up!

There's 2 Main File, one with default game fog and the other one is no fog, choose only one :)

If u want to make video review about this mod, you are very welcome, I appreciate it and will post it here as well...
If anything goes wrong or found any bugs, please comment, so everyone will know and I'll try to fix them :)
If u guys like it, please vote and endorse my mod, also help me to get 1k subs here: Subscribe on YouTube
I'll also make another cleaning mod for many places in the future, so I need your support here :)

- Download with NMM or manually (extract to (game's folder)/Data)

- Unactivate or delete permanently from NMM, or manually delete the file in /Data

Q: What this mod do?
A: This mod will clean the environment in Far Harbor.

Cleaning what exactly?
A: Cleaning by disabled many unnecessary, hidden, uninteractable,"make it ugly" kind of items... In fact this will improve game performance, some FPS gain for older PC or Laptop like me (i5-2410M, NVIDIA GT540M)!!

What item is disabled exactly?
A: Many kind of Clutters, Debris, Decals, Rubbles, Trashes, ...

Q: Is it safe to unactivate/uninstall after I activate and loaded it in the game?
A: YES... However, the game will loads back those items if u unactivate/uninstall this mod...

- Cleaner Sanctuary Environment
- Cleaner Goodneighbor Environment
- Cleaner Diamond City Environment
- Cleaner Prydwen Environment
Cleaner Railroad HQ Environment
Cleaner All in One Environment
Cleaner Nuka-World Environment

- nothing

~ Have suggestions? Write it in comment section, it's better to suggest cleaning places :)