About this mod

Hot or Cold, you can have protection!

Permissions and credits
This is a CBBE armor, you will need bodyslide to use this.
First, if you like it,endorse this file, will take only one click.
Cold or hot, rain or sun,the Pampas Set have the right outfit for you!

- Whats included -
10 bodysuits
3 Belts
3 Jackets, Basic, Fur and with Hood
8 Hair bangs to use with jacket hood*
1 set of CosmeticProtection
1 set of protection pads
2 Gloves
1 Boot
1 Hat
All that with at least 8themes, Basic (black), BOS, Gunner, Institute, Minutemen, NukaCola and
VaultTec and Raider and 10 plain colors.
Check the screenshots to get an idea of what is inside, cortesy of CountessRoxy.
* To use the KSHair bangs you will need

- Planned Updates -
Check comments section.
- Installing -
Download the version you want (High res, Low res or Balanced res), and install with NMM or
any mod manager, if having any problem with missing textures i recommend manual
Don’t forget to download the bodyslide setup, all meshes goes with CBBE zeroed values.

- If you want to use Armorsmith Extended
There is a patch, cortesy of ShadowGearX, just load after the pampas ESP and you
are ready.

- Using the mod -
You can craft all pieces in the chem station by the "Pampas" Section
Craft the hair bangs in the cooking stoove
To change the colors, go to the armor bench.
For AE Patch, craft on the AE bench.

- BodySlide -
Because there is a lot of meshes, i made a group (pampas), so it's easy to
batch build everything, as always, i include some of my personal BS setup.

- Clipping -
Within the mod there is no clipping, everything inside pampas will fit
perfectly, in some extreme bodyslide setups small clipping can happen in the
- Mods to use with Pampas -

Male version by Yusei0

Fortaleza can be used with Pampas, Pauldrons and Legs can have clipping.

HN66s EasyGirl Outfits for CBBE - Bodyslide - Great to mix and match

- Conversions -
Atomic Beauty by MunkySpunk

- Bugs -
The BS10 mesh in the main pack is wrong, to fix just build a new one in bodyslide, this will be fixed soon.
Small gap between neck and colar on BS6

- Permissions -
Retextures, conversions for other bodys are ok and welcome.
If you want to use assets from this mod, drop a PM for permission.

- Assets used -
The gloves are the Grognak gloves, I just adapt the fur.
4 hairs are adapted Vanilla Hairs
4 Hairs are adapted from Commonwealth Cuts
--Gameplay FAQ--
My BodySlide preset do not show in pampas group
- Go to the CBBE group were your preset shows, them "Save as", mark
Fortaleza and now you will see your preset in fortaleza group.

My armor is pink/purple
- When you see anything in the game pink/purple, is because the texture or BGSM
material is missing, check the install or manual reinstall

The protection value are too low or high
- There was a lot of thinking on this, most of the values are from combat
armor, if you use all parts you will have a nice protection value, or you can
just edit in fo4edit the values, is easy and fast.
Huge lag in the chem/armorbench.
This is because the texture size, nothing we can do.

--General FAQ--

High heel…
- This is max that the heel can go without the look of a broken ankle.

Level list?
- Not from me, i do not know much about all this, prefer to spend time making
models, but if anyone wants to make a patch, is welcome.

Can i have X color?
- I will not take requests on colors now, but worry not, I will add more in the future.
I have a request…
- If you have an idea that fits to the Pampas style, send me a picture, references is always good for

- No. If our queen Caliente goes to bethesda.net, maybe i will go too, probably not.

Were the name come from?
- The Pampas are a region between south of Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay, very
plain and can be very cold.

- Thanks!
Huge thanks to everyone who donate, really, huge thanks, is really good to know
that people want to share the expenses I had to making this mod, thanks!

Any game can have mods, but Bethesda games are great for modding because of this people, CBBE/BS/OS/NifSkope
team, you people are the reason for skyrim, FO4 etc… being epic games, i am
sure FO4 will last for another decade thanks to you guys/girls.

Thanks to Gravid that send me a picture that result in the Pampas
Thanks to ShadowGearX for the AE Patch and beta testing
Thanks to CountessRoxy for the screenshots and beta testing
Thanks to Karna5 for the bodyslide Physics files
Thanks to imAarwyn, KS Hairdos team and JTesmer for the permission to use the hair assets

Ceaseless made two nice videos showing all the pieces in the mod.

Gundamzeppelin made a video showing some parts of the mod, amazing quality!