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New animation replacer for all pistols that use the Deliverer animations.

Permissions and credits
If you don't like the recoil on the fire animation, get over it or don't use the mod, I'm not changing it.

If you are looking for the alternate P220 textures, they are in the Files section under Optional. 
If you like them, go thank 4Echo or donate to him, he deserves it!

This is a replacer (which means all pistols that use the Deliverer animations will now use these) set I made in my spare time. It's been pretty much done for awhile, I figured people would get a kick out of something different. If I change the reload at some point, I'll put it here, not gonna change the base for awhile. 

Changes: Idle, Equip, Fast Equip (when switching between weapons), reload, fire (with 3 variations), grenade throw, mine throw, grip adjust and pistol inspection (if you stand still for awhile, like in the vanilla game).

Watch the video for a comparison.

WANNABE ANIMATORS (and I mean that affectionately):

I have included the 3DS Max 2013 (and newer) file for the pistol idle for you to make your own reload, fire animations, melee, equip, whatever. Credit to MaikCG for the rig.

Me for doing most of the work
Hitman47101 for doing the Equip Animation and the inspection animation, as well as general advice and guidance.
MultiBears for Sound.
Matt T. for generous support. It means a lot man, thank you so much!