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Allows super mutants to use more weapon animations like a pistol and one handed weapons, they may look out of place tho.

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So in vanilla super mutants are only limited to a certain of weapon animations so they cannot use a gun like pistol. But this mod here simply copies a bunch of animation data and slapped the weapons animation keyword onto it and "it just works".

So the super mutant will use the weapon but since they arent meant to use these weapon it will either not fit into their hands or some of the pieces of the weapon will be floating off the object.

I have tested this with strong and he is very nit picky about some weapons. They work fine mostly.

Some Weapona will have different reloading animations so i tried to make them fit with the kind of weapon it is. (Laser gun with a laser reload)

I did not edit any level lists so generic super mutant baddies wont really benefit from this mod unless a level list is modified for them.

But you can equip strong with more weapons now! Yey..

Minigun animations:

- Flamer
- Gating laser.

Missile launcher animations:

- Fatman
- Boardsider

Rifle Animations:

- Handmade Revolver 
- Pistol type guns
- Double Barrel Shotgun
- Syringer
- Cryolator 
- Railway Rifle
- Laser Musket
- Junk Jet
- Lever Action Rifle (Far Harbor Dlc)
- Gamma Rifle (Far Harbor Dlc)
- Handmade Assault Rifle (Nuka World Dlc)
- Harpoon Gun (Far Harbor Dlc)

2 handed wide Weapon Animations:

- 2 Handed Weapons

Unarmed Animations:

- 1 Handed Weapons