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Changes Gage's "Got any gear for sale?" option into "Your thoughts?" and a couple other small changes.

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!!! I was asked to port this over to PS4, just letting everyone know that it won't let me. I guess the dialogue and .lip files are considered external assets. !!!


Hello! This is my first mod that involved more than changing hairstyles! I'm hoping everything works right :) 

I love the companions in this game, their backstories and their thoughts, interjecting in quests and commenting on the places you go. I don't think Gage is the most popular of companions, but he's my favorite. So I was a little disappointed that instead of asking his thoughts, Gage just sold stuff. I found out that even though he didn't have the option, all the files were there...And since I never buy from him, I added his thoughts back in! Some of the lines are pretty good too. It works like any other companion, he has different lines for different stages of affinity. 

I also changed a couple other things...When asking about your relationship while romanced, he'll give the non romanced lines in addition to the normal lines, and I changed his romanced dismissal line with another line I'm pretty sure was unused, but I thought fit better. I attempted to fix the dialogue camera when asking about your relationship, for some reason it doesn't like...lock on his face, it drives me crazy. Didn't work, but I'll keep at it. 

Here's a video, in case you want to check it out before you download it. Don't think I got all the lines though.

A few important things!!!

-First thing, to get the vault suit line, you need to be wearing it. Kind of obvious.

-Installing this mod will remove the option to buy from Gage, so if you want to keep the option, don't use this!

-This might cause some issues with mods that change his appearance. I made a mod that gives him a warhawk, and the first time I used this mod, his hair was back to the default one. I changed the load order so that the warhawk mod was loaded after this one, and it worked fine. Then I redid the mod with the same, but simpler fixes and it worked fine with the hair mod loaded first. I'm brand new at this, so....I dunno! Let me know if you have any issues.


Just extract the file to your Data folder. To uninstall, delete GageThoughtsFix.esp in the data folder, and also GageThoughtsFix.esp folder in Data\sound\Voice

Or just use NMM, its easier that way!