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Compatibility patches for each version of Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP) with Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS).

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These compatibility patches allow the use of Valdacil's Item Sorting's naming scheme with Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP).

The versions are made to match the install option available from PAMAP. Select ONLY the version that corresponds with the version of PAMAP you have installed. If your game crashes on launch, or certain armors or modifications are not receiving the correct name, then you likely didn't select the correct version.

Currently only the "By Slot" sorting option from Valdacil's Item Sorting is supported. This is the version included in the Val's Picks combined files if you use any of those. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to make a version for the "By Type" sorting option, as I am not currently playing Fallout 4, and I wouldn't personally use it.


Technically Valdacil's Item Sorting is not required for these patches to work as only its item naming conventions are being used, but I don't know why you'd be using this patch if you didn't use it as well.

Load Order
Ensure this file is loaded after all aforementioned requirements, and Valdicil's Item Sorting (despite it not being a required file).

Any mods that alter the naming scheme of power armors will be incompatible. This will likely be the case with any mod that adds new power armor modifications, or modification types. The worst that can happen is the naming scheme may be broken again, or certain power armor modifications will not be represented by the item name.

If you load this patch after conflicting patches - the naming scheme will be correct for all vanilla armor variants, and customization added by PAMAP, but the new modifications will not be represented in the power armor's name.

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