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Adds grenades which teleport player to their throw location. Update 1.6

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Update 1.6
-Added new options in Configurator like Oswald teleport effect from Nuka-World. (DLC is NOT required as it uses effect from vanilla game)
-Optional land animations now work only in third-person as they were needless in first person
-Fixed issue when player was able to shoot Blink Grenades in VATS.

Update 1.4
-Added the unique version of blink grenade - "Infinity", which returns back to player inventory after throw, but drains action points per throw. Can be crafted on Chemistry station under Grenades section. (Action points Cost can be changed from Configurator)
-Added custom textures for Blink Grenades
-Other Minor fixes

Update 1.2

-Fixed permanent falling animation issue (Big Thanks to Jojash for simple and elegant fix suggestion and help, also to KataPUMB for help and figuring out what actually was causing that problem)
-Added a Configurator, which allows you to control some aspects of the Blink Grenades, like changing teleport animations (three land animations added), sounds, effect e.t.c. Configurator will be automatically added to your Pipboy/misc section once you complete the quest from this mod (If you have already completed it the Configurator will be automatically added to you when you start your game)
-Blink Grenades now don't have an impulse so they won't damage or alert any NPC in any way.
-Now you can also buy Blink Grenades from Synth merchant in the Institute (after finishing the quest from this mod)(Grenades were added in leveled list by script so there won't be any issues with other mods that edit the same leveled list.
-Other small fixes

The mod Adds a new type of grenade which teleports the player to its throw location.

How To Use:
Use them as normal grenades. Throw a grenade and you will be teleported where it lands.

Where To Get:
To be able to craft them, you have to complete a small miscellanous type quest (which starts automatically and was made just for immersion). Then Blink Grenades will be available to craft on Chemistry station under Grenades section.

Use NMM or drag and drop files into fallout 4 directory


None. If you find any please let me know.

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Optional Land Animation: