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Basic weapon mod with a little Broadway flair to experiment with Nexus posting. A bit meatier and better balanced than original mod posting. Thank you for looking ^_^

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Basic weapon mod to experiment with Nexus posting. Found in shallow water near Sanctuary's bridge. Easier to find at night. Follow the smell of carcass.

"Reasonable" base damage, quicker than other everyday, run-of-the-mill Chinese swords, and with good elemental enhancements that should scale nicely with leveling and upgrades. Good chance for stagger, cold-as-grave crit. Its biggest power, imo, is its AP regen. And there's a "tie in"... sorta: an epilogue of sorts, if you don't mind reading a little :)

Recommend Installing as per the usual: NMM for instant clickification as well as ease of uninstall when cleaning out all the splinters and dirt in those hard-to-reach places.

(I noticed how much the Chinese sword in FO4 looks like the type used in plays, kung fu forms matches or wushu exhibits. Made me imagine a scenario where a certain misfigured stalker (half-ghoul?) who lives in the basement of an opera house realized one of the prop swords was not a prop at all... At the risk of sounding like a DCR DJ, thanks for looking, if you even are ;) )