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4K textures for all the power armors and HD components for the miscellaneous components.

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4K Textures for Power Armors
Started off with seeing noticeable blurring on areas of my current characters T-60 armor, worked towards upgrading all the existing textures to 4K

Power Armors:
X-01 - All Variants
T-45 - All Variants
T-51 - All Variants
T-60 - All Variants
Power Armor Frame
T-60 BoS Logos

T-60 also textured in:

  • Military Green
  • Blood Red

In Progress:
  • Additional colors varieties as optional files

Finish All Power Armors:
  • T-45 series power armor (complete)
  • T-51 series power armor (complete)
  • T-60 series power armor alternatives / rank seal for BoS T-60 power armor
  • X-01 series power armor (complete)
  • All miscellaneous textures related to power armors
  • Hands and misc textures for the frame

These packages should work with NMM or by extracting them to the Fallout 4 directory.
If you are having trouble, Gopher has an excellent video on configuring your game to accept mods.

Rebuild new textures from scratch and metal source materials.

Use in other mods:/legal/etc
These are based entirely off the stock assets of the game. Feel free to use/modify them as you see fit, no attribution to me required.