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Decor and Furniture with a sinister and spooky cast to properly welcome the season.

Permissions and credits

Friday the 13th Update! New in VVITCH HAUS 1.2:

This mod now requires Nuka World and Settlement Menu Manager. Install SMM before you install the 1.2 update. If you do not, your menus will be all sorts of weird, not in the good way. I will no longer update a version without these requirements.

For this update, please uninstall the old version before installing 1.2, I have changed the names of the components. I updated a lot of the textures and really stretched my imagination on the new items! I hope that you enjoy the spooky!

New Items in this Update:
Custom menus: One in furniture and one in decor.
New Tarot Cards
Some new wall art
Candles and lights
Coffee Tables
A bunch of new small decor items
Other Things:
I corrected the CMPO entries that were incorrect
Updated/Improved the glass for the Bell Jars

This mod adds an assortment of occult items, ranging from Tarot Cards to an Ouija Board, and spooky decor to make Mama Murphy look a little bit less like a drug addled kook.

All of the textures included in this mod were done by me with GIMP, by re-texturing the original Bethesda textures, ThEjEsTeRoFeViL, KJ666 and by NaiRae.

1 Chair
1 Altar
1 Fortune Tellers Table
1 Apothecary
1 Side Table
1 Good VVITCH Throne
1 Bad VVITCH Throne
1 Chaise Lounger
1 Couch

3 Tarot Cards
1 Tarot Deck
1 Ouija Board
1 Fortune Telling Tea Cup
7 Potion Ingredient Bottles
1 Door Mat
1 Static Skeleton
1 Sinister Bell Jar
5 Wall Decorations (These are in the Miscellaneous Decorations with the rest of the items.)
2 Hanging Chimes (they snap to the ceiling)

Future Plans:
Version 1.2: The following is still true! I plan to add more items to this as the inspiration strikes, including, but not limited to, more bone chimes, potion bottles, wall art and cluttered surfaces.

Do not use any of the contents of this mod anywhere. This is a Nexus exclusive.

All assets used are used with permission. If needed, I will provide verification of permission.
JonWD: The Crystal Ball was all his doing
Mike Moore: The feather! The glorious feather!
NaiRae: Made the shelf, the things in jars and provided lots of feedback and finally convinced me to just release what I had done and release the other half finished things later! Nai also made the fabulous video featuring the mod!
KJ666: Gave me permission to use the skeleton retexture for some of the items.
CyborgArmGun: Helped me with optimizing the BGEM files for the bell jars.
damanding: For sharing a bunch of tutorials for adding animated flames to things.
ThEjEsTeRoFeViL: I used one of the textures in the Seamless Texture Pack.
indipindi: The crow sounds are from Radiant Birds: Crow Sounds Mod Resource.

Use NMM -or- download manually, extract the file and place the .esp in your data folder, activate it, and make sure the "NWM" folder is in your meshes folder. Be sure your game is set up for modding beforehand.
If you get any purple/pink items, check your Materials folder and also let me know!

Known Issues:
None at this time. If you find any, please report them.

My Other Mods and Projects:

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