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Player Home Base with many features. You can quickly create test characters for testing your own mods, re-create a lost character due to hardware failure or save game corruption, or just have fun making up any level of character you like.

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Levelers Bunker

Mod for Fallout 4
Version 0.13 BETA - 10/30/2016
by WillieSea

 *This mod will be updated on occasion as I dream up new ideas and fix reported bugs.

1. Unpack the 7z file and copy the 'Data' folder into your steam folder located at:
2. *\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\
3. Overwrite all files and folders. No vanilla files have been modified so this is safe to do.
4. Activate the mod from with-in the the games Mod menu. For best compatibility with other mods, put Levelers Bunker towards the top of your load order, which can be done in-game.

 The bunker is located outside the Vault 111 entrance. Look to the South.
 Trouble finding the key? Check the army skeleton outside the bunker.

 Player Home Base with many features. You can quickly create test characters for testing your own mods, re-
create a lost character due to hardware failure or save game corruption, or just have fun making up any level of
character you like.
 This readme document should have all the information you need to play the mod to its full advantage. Please
read it before asking questions.

-REFRESH Mod---------
Why is a refresh necessary sometimes?
This mod is currently being developed, and sometimes I modify things and they will not show up in your save game.
Why don't they show up in my save game?
Because, the save game is loaded into memory last. Think of your save game as the last item in your load order. So, if something is saved in your saved game, such as a container location, the position of that container will be taken from your save game, not the mod. So you need to remove all mod information from your save game, or refresh it.
How do I refresh the mod in my save game?
1.. First, make sure you clear out all the containers, displays, everything from the mod interiors. With a refresh, everything will be reset to new.
2. Disable the mod in your load order and then load up your save game. Once loaded, save it as a new save game.
3. Restart the game and enable the mod in your load order. Then load your cleaned save game.
Do I always have to refresh the mod with every new version?
No. It is only necessary to refresh the mod when I move stuff around and I will always let you know that I recommend a mod refresh. Most updates you can simply install the update and continue playing.

-Building in the Bunker!----
Building is NOT supported in the bunker.  If you want to build, head for 'The Dig' in the research wing.
Because it conflicts with 'room-bounds'.
What are room bounds and why are they more important than building?
Room-bounds allow a modder to create 'sections' of larger cells, so only those sections will be rendered when the player is in them. All other sections will not be rendered, an thus it will increase the performance for players.

You can still build, but it will be buggy because its a bug with the game engine. You can still place stuff, but it will be invisible. At least until you 'reload' the game, then it will all show up.

Why does it turn invisible when I place stuff?
Because your new objects are NOT part of the room-bound your in after being placed. Since its not part of the room-bound, it is not rendered. But once you reload your game, it becomes part of the room-bound its in and it will be rendered.

There will be a separate cell that will allow you to build all you want.

 *Vertibird landing pad with locked bunker entrance.
 *Bunker entrance contains bedroll and terminal which must be unlocked in order to power up the elevator.

 ==Bunker Entrance/Exit==
 *Elevator that brings you back to the surface.
 *Reset Decals - Button that will make all the decals re-appear.
 *Auto-Sort button and Auto-Sort trunk. Place items in the trunk you want sorted into the lockers below. Then press the auto-sort button. This will not sort items out of your inventory.

 *Health related containers

 *Fusion Recharge Station - Place any fusion core into the station container. Press the "Start Recharging Station" button and a fully charged fusion core will appear in the outlet. Activate the "Recharged Fusion Core" to take it.
 *Workbenches - Armor and Weapons workbench available for your use.
 *Merchant - But or sell goods to this robotic merchant. You can use the 'Returns Terminal' to give the merchant more caps.
 *"Autosort All from Inventory" - Press this to auto-sort all defined items into their seperate named lockers. Items are taken from your inventory.
 *Individual Autosort buttons in front of each locker - Autosort just those items into the single named locker. Items are taken from your inventory.
 *"Returns Terminal" - Use this terminal to set which and how much of the ammo and explosive types you want returned to you from the lockers. This also by default, returns some medical and other useful items to you.
 *"Return Stuff Button" - Press this button to have bobby pins, health items, and the ammo/explosive choice items returned to your inventory from the lockers.
 *"Auto-sort Junk" button - Press to sort all the defined junk items to the 'Junk' and 'Special Junk' metal boxes. Special Junk are rare or items you can sell. The Junk box will contain all the useless junk ready for scrapping.
 *"Scrap all the Junk" button - Everything in the 'Junk' metal box will be broken down and converted into its component parts, and placed into the 'Components' metal box.

 *Misc containers. Terminal for opening warehouse doors. - WIP

 *Power generators - WIP

 ==Residential - Bottom floor==
 *Cafeteria - WIP

 ==Residential - Top floor==
 *Security Office - Key to Research vault door found in the lockup on the shelf.
 *Bedrooms - WIP

 *All the cheats in the game. There is a 'readme' tape drive that explains how it works.
 *V111 Bunker Master Pipboy Holotape found on desk terminal - Contains teleportation, auto-sorting, retrieval, and deathclaw spawner, all available from your pip-boy at any time.
 *Bobbleheads - Increase your base SPECIAL values. No limit, if you go over 10, its your own risk.
 *Experience console - Leveled exp gain for each activation.
 *Carry Weight - Increase your carry weight with each activation.
 *Bottlecaps - Increase your bottlecaps with each activation.
 *Radiation Cleanse - Remove all radiation effects.
 *Max Radiation - Increase radiation levels.
 *Max Health - Increase your maximum health with each activation.
 *Restore Health - Full heal.
 *Cure Addictions - Remove all addictions.
 *Cure Disease - Call all diseases.
 *Perks Terminal - Gain any vanilla or companion perks.
 *Worktables for Weapons, Armor, Chemistry, Cooktop - All share component inventory.
 *Mod added items, will not be auto-sorted.
 *New items with more protection or attack power:
 -Vault 111 suit.
 -Full set of light combat armor, that has protection of heavy combat armor.
 -Magnum Weapons: 10mm Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Gauss Rifle, Minigun, Laser Pistol, Nano-sword. All better damage capacity.
 *Component spawners - Click a button, get the compenent delivered to you from warehouse storage.
 *Munitions Terminal - Select ammo to be delivered to you from warehouse storage.
 *Research Terminal - Gain ballistic weave recipe. You can also remove it if you gain the recepie from the Railroad.
 *Medical Mirror - Respawns medical supplies each time you open it.
 *Bottled Purified Water - Water fountain that gives you purified water bottles.

 *Metal boxes full of components.
 *Many power armor stands for display of your power armor units.

 ==Overseers Office==
 *WIP - Will become a quest display room for special items.
 *Safe contains many 'NPC' style weapons. Non-sortable.
 *Bobblehead display.

 ==Combat Zone==
 *WIP - More combat types will be added later.
 *Start a raider battle and repulse the raiders from the town! Spawns 25 raiders and 15 creatures.

 ==The Dig==
 *Large open area for you to build in. Contains a large pond of water and a large garden area. You decide what you want to build!

 WillieSea - Levelers Bunker
 **If you see something you think you made and I did not give you credit, please let me know and I will

The Nexus website:
 If you like the mod, Please endorse it.
 If you like me, I like Kudos.
 If you use the mod, please consider making a donation.

 ***NOTICE on RE-USE***
 You may use any of my objects in this mod without asking me first with the following exceptions. You may not
re-use anything that I have given credit to someone else for that is in this mod without their approval. You
should give me credit if you do use anything of mine.
 If you wish to create a different language version of this mod, feel free to, but please only upload the
objects you changed the language on. The other objects need to be downloaded from the location it was originally
uploaded to by me. You may point to this mod in your own mod if you wish to do this.
 This mod may not be uploaded in its entirety to any other web locations without my consent. I can be reached
through private message on the nexus as 'WilliamSea'.
 If I do not respond within 90 days to a private message, you may assume your granted permission.

*Decals will not display once you visit and leave the vault in the same sitting. I included a button to 're-
enable' them which can be found next to the exit elevator and the merchant.

*Its a known bug that when you build in a cell that also uses Room-bounds, that any placed objects will not display properly until after you reload your game.

*Some people report they cannot unlock the bunker door. I suspect a mod conflict. It has been reported you can have Cait (or another follower) unlock the door for you, or you can use the console command 'unlock' on the door.


10/30/2016 - v0.13
 - Creation of Combat Zone with Raider battle.
 - Master Pipboy holotape: Additional and fixed teleport locations.
 - Master Pipboy holotape: Added DLC teleport locations.
 - Master Pipboy holotape: All teleports now work instantly instead of having to exit the Pipboy.
 - Stopped interior doors from respawning - Should force them to stay in the state you left them in.
 - Cram Deluxe
 - Many easter egg room changes including supporter poster.
 - Auto-sorts now include many DLC items and some more vanilla items.

 10/16/2016 - v0.12
 - More Readable auto sorts.
 - Bigger water pool in The Dig.
 - Some shelving added to bunker.
 - Navmesh completely redone.
 - Security patrols in bunker.
 - Maintenence bot in bunker.
 - Added auto-sort components.
 - DLC and Unique lockers added. No sorts yet.
 - All DLC posters should work. I cannot verify Far Harbor or Nuka-world.
 - Holotape can now recall components from component metal box.
 - V81 teleport location fixed.
 - Power Armor Depot created in its own cell.
 - Several minor bug fixes.
 10/09/2016 - v0.11
 - Initial build of workshop settlement cavern. Water and farm.
 - Merchant vendor will now buy and sell.
 - More Auto-sorts added. Misc items, holotapes, notes, game cartridges, fusion cores.
 - Master Holotape fixes.
 - Double bed can now be activated and slept in.
 - New floor textures added. Wood paneled wall in overseer office.
 - Feral ghoul change, so it will not respawn.
 - Fix for companion pushing player into ground upon exiting bunker.
 - Added 1x corset outfit which can be upgraded.
 - Added Incinerator - Destroys items.
 - General bug fixes.
 10/02/2016 - v0.10 - First Nexus Beta release
 09/11/2016 - V0.0 - Alpha testing.