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Offers a range of settlement related utilities.

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Version 3.0.0-beta

I plan on taking this mod in a new direction as of version 3.0.0. Rather than cramming all features into a single download, I have opted to separate each feature, and the menu itself into individual files. This allows you guys to mix and match different features, meaning that you don't have to install a feature if you don't want to. This makes it easier for me to develop new features and maintain existing features. However, it does also mean that you will have more plugins in your load order (sorry about that).

The initial release is quite limited, in that only the Settlement Budget feature has been released (which is pretty much the same as it was in version 2.0.4-beta). However, the mod has been reworked from scratch, with some improvements chucked in (and maybe a few bugs, in which case please report them). Additional features will soon™ be added, some new, and some old. Unfortunately version 3.0.0-beta+ is incompatible with prior versions of the mod. So, you will have to choose between them. With there being few features available on and around release, you may want to wait before you update from version 2.0.4-beta.

None of the features will function without the main file, the Workshop Control Panel itself. So, please make sure to always have that installed if you intend to use this mod at all. Load order is irrelevant however, so feel free to chuck them wherever.

IMPORTANT: Updating from earlier versions to 3.0.0-beta+

  1. Disable the Conditional Settlement Attacks (previously Allow Attacks) feature and restore all Settlement Budgets to default and save the game.
  2. Create a clean save. To create a clean save, disable the old version of the mod and save the game without the mod installed.
  3. Install version 3.0.0-beta+.

Features (Version 2.0.4.BETA-)

Features that lead to game in-balance.

  • Add Caps
  • Add 100 to 1,000,000 caps.
  • Add Perk Point
  • Add 1 to 500 perk points.
  • Level Up
  • Level up 1 to 500 times.
  • Refund Perks
  • Refund either all of your perks, or those of a specific perk tree.

Component Overview
Review how many of each component that you currently have access to in the workshop.

Conditional Settlement Attacks
Settlements are no longer prone to attacks under a variety of user-defined settings.

  • Display or Hide Notifications
  • Notifications are displayed when you exit workshop mode, indicating if the settlement has insufficient defence and whether or not it is now prone to attack.
  • Setting
  • Choose between always preventing settlement attacks or preventing settlement attacks when Safety ≥ Food+Water or Safety ≥ Food+2×Water.

Scrap & Store Junk
Scrap the junk currently on your person and the workbench and store the components within the workbench.

Settlement Budget

  • Increase Settlement Budget
  • Increase your current settlement budget by a fraction of that settlements default budget.
  • Restore Settlement Budget to Default
  • Either restore the budget of this settlement to default, or restore the budget of all settlements to default.

Transfer Items
Transfer items from workbenches of settlements connected by supply lines to the current workbench*.
*You can currently only transfer all items from connected workbenches. The plan is to offer more specific options in the future.

Select your preferences.

  • Hide Features
  • Choose to hide certain features in the Control Panel.


Q: Are there any file requirements?
A: No.

Q: Are there any incompatibilities?
  • Any mod that adds new perks will not be refunded by the Refund Perks feature.
  • Any mod that edits the AllowAttacks WorkshopParentScript property will conflict with the Conditional Settlement Attacks feature.
  • Any mod that edits the WorkshopMaxDraws and WorkshopMaxTriangles Actor Values will conflict with the Settlement Budget feature.
  • Any mod that adds new unique items containing components will be scrapped by the Scrap & Store Junk feature.
  • Any mod that adds new workshops to the game and do not integrate them into the vanilla workshop system.

Q: Are there any known bugs?
A: The mod is currently in beta. Therefore, assume that there will be some minor bugs that I haven't caught. These bugs will be removed in time. Currently known bugs include...
  • Refund Perks will refund SPECIAL points that were gained through bobbleheads.