Start Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul by TinyManticore
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Added: 01/10/2016 - 07:57PM
Updated: 22/09/2017 - 04:33PM

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Last updated at 16:33, 22 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 19:57, 1 Oct 2016


This mod provides a menu at the beginning of the game, after the bathroom scene, with three options:

Alternate start: wake up from this dream as a different person.  You can be a pre-war vault dweller, or you can start as a wastelander outside of the vault, selecting your own SPECIAL stats, Traits, Class/Gear, and Start Location.

Quick start: wake up from your memory, in your pod in Vault 111 (the normal plotline, but you skip all the prewar stuff and get to playing)

Normal start: nevermind, just play through normally (basically a 'cancel' button)


Full version: makes over 800 dialogue edits with voice and lip sync so you don't have to play as the "concerned parent" character, replacing those with voiced and lip-synced lines from the rest of the game (so it's the original voice actors).  The dialogue lines vary depending on which start path you choose.  There are two choices here - one for if you're using the popular Full Dialogue Interface mod, and another for if you are not.

Basic version: just provides the alternate, quick, and normal start options. No dialogue edits, no options to start outside the vault. This mod is minimally invasive, and makes only as minor edits as I could get away with.  Mainly this is for people who are testing mods or just want the "quick start" aspect of the mod.


Also, read the review of the mod on Game Face: START ME UP: How one mod fixes Fallout 4's biggest issue. Thanks for the review!

Check out Start Me Up on Nexus Community Picks for March 2017.  Thanks to rcoll for the submission!


Do you have any warnings?

  • Obviously, don't use this mod with other alternate start / quick start mods or others that alter how you start. You may want to avoid using this mod with mods that significantly alter the game's dialogue (or if you do, check them for conflicts in Fo4edit).  Otherwise, you can use this with any other mods you want.

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Is there an XBOX or PS4 version available?


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Can I translate this mod?  How?


Can I change the dialogue back to normal after installing the mod?


What changes have been made to the plot for the alternate starts?


What are the start locations, exactly?


What are the Traits, exactly?


Why did you name the mod "Start Me Up"?



While I built this mod from scratch myself, I did look at how some other mods were built, so credit is due:

I also couldn't have done this without some great software tools and help:

Additionally, I'd like to thank (in no particular order): Gribbleshnibit8, chucksteel, JaxFirehart, luthienanarion, TrickyVein, pintocat, Puppettron, retlaw83, RoyBatterian, TJMidnight, Risewild, Scorpion, the girl who was death, deadboy, and the rest of the Tale of Two Wastelands team for their help learning all this modding stuff over the years.

Change Log                         

Basic version

v1.0 Initial release.  This mod specifically edits MQ101 stage 900, MQ102 Stage 0, and DialogueVault111 stages 40, 50, 56, 57, 58, 60, the Chargen bathroom door, the Vault 111 Cryo terminal, some Cryo pods, and the Vault 111 Cryo room door.  Most of these edits are simply global variable checks to make sure the game behaves properly based on what start option you chose.  I try to put a lot of attention to detail into this stuff, quality over quantity - getting the fadeouts to black working right was a real pain!

v2.0 Fixed bug that vertibirds did not have sound.  Done by adding CSMQ101PlayerHouseInt.Remove() to the main script.  If you have this bug and are using an older version, open the console in-game (~ key) and type "rscs 131b8d" without the quotes, and that will take care of it.  Thanks to Cubox for the fix!

Expanded version

This version is made by applying conditions to normal dialogue such it shows up only if you pick one of the normal start options.  For each of those lines, I have added new dialogue alternatives, with the proper conditions so they show up only if you pick the alternate start option I also had to condition off a few lines that just don't make sense with the alt start, such as one-line companion idles.  I would say 99% of dialogue lines are merely altered to remove references to your son/family/spouse, and not removed or skipped.  Everything has full audio and is lip-synced.

My order of preference was to edit the original line by removing the offending words (~50% of them), and if I couldn't do that, then replace it with a different line from the game (~40% of them).  If I couldn't do that, I would splice together other dialogue lines to say what needed to be said (~5-10% of them).  And if I couldn't do that, I skipped the line entirely (~1-2% of the them).

Expanded version change log



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