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A mod that adds 5 different tactical camouflage underarmors to the game. Each uniforms came with a helmet that have the same characteristics. Both armors and helmets have their own effects and upgrades.

Permissions and credits
2.1 Changelogs.
-Most of the overpowered stats are nerfed
-Reduced spawn rate
-Cheaper to buy and sell

Huge thanks to Nexus Members balwickWhiskeyRiver2, and Vondure for their feedbacks.

1.3k downloads, and yet no one have  found the easter egg yet. Shame.

Wasteland Tactical Camo Uniforms 2.0
-Added 5 more variants (total 10 variants from 1.0)
-Fixed Navy Camo suit texture
-New helmet retextures for all 10 variants
-Fixed the female body meshes (currently using CBBE Curvy preset)
-Added balance to the leveled NPCs
-Now Gunners are going to spawn Gunner Camo
-Raiders and Railroad Agents are going to spawn all 1.0 variants
-BoS are going to spawn BoS variants (scribes have 90%^ chance of using this mod's
-Minutemen are going to spawn Minutemen variants
-Most spawn chances are 30%
-The higher your character level, uniforms with higher tiers will spawn
-Uniforms now have more demanding requirements to craft from 1.1
(level requirements, perk requirements and bottlecaps)
-Each variant now have different stats (find more suits and level up more to
find out which uniforms are better, the better the stats, the higher the requirements)
-Now each uniforms have high barter value


Since my 1.0 and 1.1 doesn't require too much to craft, and there are a lot of messy indexing, so I decided to build 2.0 from scratch. To use 2.0, I regret to tell you that you have to fully uninstall 1.0 or 1.1 versions since they are no longer legit. You will lose all of the files from the previous version. I'm sorry.
But good news is, the lower tier uniforms have cheap requirement and also have pretty good stats to help you grind.

I'm terribly sorry, but the indexing in the previous versions were such a disaster that I decided to abandon it for good. This version have better sorting in records
and file indexing.

-For first timers, a friendly reminder that this mod *REQUIRES* both
AWKCR and Armorsmith Extended installed first, otherwise this mod will cause more harm than good without those two. And download the Main File via NMM
-For those who already have the previous versions, regrettably you have to fully
uninstall the previous versions before using this one, because the old version
DID not have the same records with 2.0. Sorry.

New patches can be found under optional files, as usual, install the
requirements first before using the optional patches. 

Thanks for your support. Enjoy an awesome showcase video made by 

Screenshots for your eye candy!

****************************all text beyond this point are old attributes, feel free to continue reading it tho**************************

This mod adds 5 camouflage underarmors/uniforms into the game.
Each uniforms came with a custom textured helmets.
Each uniforms/helmets have their own passive effects on characters that wear it.

Both genders are supported.

Craftable(chemlab). Upgradable. Legendary Modifications Supported*.

Can wear any vanilla** armor pieces over these uniforms.

*Requires Legendary Modifications Mod
**Or any modded armor that have similar armor placements with vanilla

Armorsmith Extended

Download and Install via NMM/Vice versa.

Legendary Modifications Patch
Requires Legendary Modifications installed first

Requires Main Files installed first, then replace the files when asked
during the patch installation.

NPCs spotted wearing these tactical uniforms