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Simply makes the buidable area bigger.

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check this new sweet mod that will make all settlement expansion mods obsolete

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Bigger Settlements

You like to build big? Good.
PS4 and Xbox soon (tm)

-Don't use any mod that does the same thing.
ie: mods that changes buildable area for all my options (except Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments)
     mods that changes attack spawn points for "bigger" and "moved attack..." options
- Exception is when you manually install my mod without the settlement you want to change.


Mod has 6 prefixes:
1) Bigger1: almost all settlements have expanded borders and moved attack spawn points
2) Bigger2: almost all settlements have expanded borders and moved attack spawn points and Sanctuary includes vault 111
3/4) Bigger 1/2 Same attack: almost all settlements have expanded borders, but attack spawn points are unchanged
5) Hight limit only + moved attack spawn points: ...
6) Hight limit only: ...

-You can choose every settlement differently, but you need to install my mod manually, instructions are in README.

Not expanded:
-Spectate Island: is big enough
-Hangman's Alley: there is better mod for it Hangman's Alley Interior Apartments
-Boston Airport: it's not a real settlement
-Somerville Place: nothing special about this settlement and it is already big enough
-Bunker Hill: pre-build settlement

Possible problems:

- Settlers running off chasing mutants, raiders,... : It can happen in Kingsport Lighthouse, but unfortunately there is no way around it (as far as i know).
- Is Starlight drive-in broken? Type "resetquest patch_1_6" without the quotation marks in the console.
- If objects in settlements keep disapearing try this mod: No More Disappearing Act
- or i made boo boo


q: will you add this ... expansion of a settlement?
a: i consider this a final version, so no.

q: I found a bug...
a: first look in possible problems on this page and than bugs section and if you cant find answer you can post problem in bugs section and i will try to               fix it as soon as possible.

q: why the borders looks different?
a: i just prefer this look.

q: does bigger options have increased height limit?
a: yes.

q: how high can i go?
a: +- about the size of Spectate island

q: where are the new borders?
a: if you install it right it can take few seconds to appear.

q: where should i load this mod?
a: should not matter, but scrapping mods and no more disappearing act should be last.

q: i have defend settlement quest, but no attack is comming?
a: because i moved attack spawn points further away its possible for attack wave to spawn, but enemies will not correctly path to the center because            they cant see any target. You can use Settlement Management Software to see new spawn points

q: can i use this mod on old save?
a: yes

thx to:
brianxxx for testing

Build High - Expanded Settlements 2.5  by ThemonWillow
Eysenbeiss' final 'all-in-one' Settlement Expansion  by Eysenbeiss
Settlement Attacks Beyond  by scary666scream
for inspiration

Created with Creation Kit, 3DS Max, nifskope and Merge Plugins.
Cleaned with FO4Edit.