Fallout 4
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Increases Gatling Laser Ammo cap with each Nuclear Physicist perk.

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When I first got the Nuclear Physicist perk I was disappointed when the Gatling laser still had 500 rounds and not 1000 but instead gave you a core with 30% odd charge left. So tweaking with the C.K I managed to improve it slightly. 

This mod changes the ammo capacity respectively with each perk of nuclear physicist. 
YOU MUST HAVE THE REPAIR BOBBLEHEAD first before any of the perks otherwise it is capped at 750 for some reason. 

This is a strange bug which i can't figured out but from what I can tell it's to do with the way the game recognises set values and multiply values. 

The ammo now follows the suit of:
Vanilla > 500 
Repair Bobblehead > 550 
Repair Bobblehead + Nuclear Physicist 1 > 687 
Repair Bobblehead + Nuclear Physicist 2 > 825 
Repair Bobblehead + Nuclear Physicist 3 > 1100 Max Capacity (Obviously it will only show 999 but it is 1100)
It should also drain the core completely and not leave you with tons of slightly charged cores lying around either.

If you already have some of the perks and not the bobblehead. You can remove them via console, grab the bobblehead and add them back.

Just use Player.addperk or Player.removeperk in the console.

Perk IDs:
Repair Bobblehead Perk 61683
Nuclear Physicist 1: 001d246f
Nuclear Physicist 2: 001d2470
Nuclear Physicist 3: 001d2471

This mod will conflict with any mod which edits the Gatling laser.

I have little to no experience with modding. If anyone with experience can fix the above bug I mentioned that would be gladly appreciated by myself and others. All I ask is give credit where credit is due.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)