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Replaces the transparency and removes the flash effect shown when using chameleon armor or stealth boys.

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Alternative Chameleon Visuals

By AeonVita


  • Replaces the transparency effect with a bluish solid effect (shown only for a few seconds) when using either Chameleon armor or Stealth Boys.

  • Removes the blinding flash shown when the transparency effect would start.


  • When you are transparent, aiming accurately is almost impossible when using certain weapons.

  • If you wear Chameleon armor, a flash effect is applied each time you stop moving while sneaking. I found this very distracting.

Known Problems

The disabling of transparency is done in a way that has some trade-offs. You may want to consider using the alternative version of the mod that doesn't affect transparency if these issues bother you.

  • The Pip-Boy screen is still transparent and difficult to use. In some ways, it looks more buggy since the rest of the Pip-Boy appears solid. However, the problem that it sometimes doesn't respond on input seems to be there even without the mod.

  • The character model may look strange in third-person view when the effect is active. It will sometimes be partly transparent, looking more like dithered transparency.

  • Characters other than the player is likely also affected and may look strange if they normally were transparent.

  • You cannot see when the effect wears off as easily. This may be more of a problem when using Stealth Boys.


I recommend installing the mod through Nexus Mod Manager (see this video for detailed instructions).


Mods that change what happens when a Stealth Boy is used, or Chameleon armor is worn, may conflict with this mod.

Technical Details

  • The mod overrides MGEF records for the Chameleon effect. In the changed versions, the VMAD subrecord (which references a script for showing a particular IMAD effect) has been removed. This prevents the flash effect from showing.

  • To get the alternative model effect, the HitShader field in the DATA subrecord of each MGEF now references a EFSH (effect shader) record.

  • Exactly how the transparency effect is applied I actually don't know, so it isn't really disabled. Instead, two game setting records (GMST), controlling the minimum and maximum refraction, has been modified to invalid values, and luckily this seems to eliminate the effect in most cases. Hopefully a cleaner way to do this can be found.


2.0.2 - 2015-12-05
  • Fully remade using only FO4Edit (should have no visual effect).
2.0.1 - 2015-11-29
  • Fix potential file structure problems (should have no visual effect).
2.0 - 2015-11-26
  • Now replaces the transparency effect.
  • Rename old version to "No Chameleon Flash".
1.0 - 2015-11-21
  • Initial release.


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