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A light-weight, all-compatible successor to my "No Food Health bonus" mod.
Removes HP gain from ALL FOODS AND DRINKS in the game.

This mod only edits ONE FILE, and should be compatible with ALL DLC and ALL MODS, without being dependent on anything other than the main game (Fallout4, so no DLC are required).

Permissions and credits
Highly compatible with all DLC and mods,
including sorting mods and mods that add foods and drinks!

Works with all mods that add food items and works with all DLC without requiring them to (so whether you have the DLC or not, the mod still works).
The food HP removal effect is achieved by editing one file:

[Magic Effect] "RestoreFoodHealth"

As long as mods refer to this Magic Effect, like all Fallout 4's foods and DLC foods do,
this mod will remove any added consumables' HP bonus.

For those curious on how I did this, here it is:
I added a requirement for that Magic Effect for it to only trigger when the player is at 0 health.
This way, the HP effect is essentially never available, since when the character is dead nothing can be consumed.

This mod is a successor to the "No Food Health" (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12634/?) mod I made a while back, which was my first mod ever. With gained modding knowledge, I was able to make a much better version of it, which is this mod.