Laser and Plasma Weapon Power Mods and Suppressors by MrTroubleMaker
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Last updated at 23:46, 11 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 15:30, 13 Oct 2016

Laser and Plasma weapon mods for high level players and difficulty. These mods increase the damage the weapon will produce.
For Laser Guns, Plasma Guns, Gatling Laser Guns and Institute Laser Guns.

I added these higher power mods because the energy weapons felt to weak at high levels and high difficulty.

145 mod types available!

Should be compatible with most setups. Only two records have been altered for the plasma short barrel mesh.
mod_PlasmaGun_BarrelPlasma_Short_A "Short Barrel" [OMOD:00127792]
mod_PlasmaGun_BarrelPlasma_Short_B "Improved Short Barrel" [OMOD:0019ECC0]
If you have another mod that alters these two, place this mod before that mod or open this mod up in FO4Edit and remove those two omods if you want that other mod to take priority.

All mods require Science and Gun nut perks. The new Laser Barrels and Receivers add physical damage. When lasers cut and burn there is physical damage, strange omission from Bethesda. The pictures shown are from a level one character with 4's in SPECIAL.


Barrels - Improved damage and range. - All barrel types supported.
Stocks - Better stability - Recoil Compensating Marksman's Stock. - Many types available.
Receiver - Combines Overcharged Capacitor, Boosted Photon Agitator and Gamma Wave Emitter. - Two type for each.
Reflex Sights - Added "Tracks targets"
Scopes - Added "Tracks targets"
Recon Scopes - Better stability
Muzzle - Suppressors and different colored lasers options


Note: Continuous Beam Lasers do not work in VATS. The beam does not damage target. Game Engine Bug. The Beam work correctly during no VATS game play. 


Also available on Bethesda.net Check the mirrors tab for the links.
or Here on BethesdaNet


Recommended but not required.
Valdacil's Item Sorting
Reduced Energy Recoil
Black Laser Rifle Recolour


Thanks to 

ModdedMeghan for the short plasma barrel and texture from Better Plasma Barrels

Bordraw for the laser barrel and stock from Less Bulky Laser Rifle and Laser Rifle Full Grip Stock

Thanatos001 for the recon scope texture from Laser Inspired Recon Scope

The_Bereaver for the recon scope texture from Black Laser Rifle Recolour

Madcat221 for the long plasma barrel mesh from Plasma Carbine Barrel

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