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  1. Corvalho1
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    Hey folks, I just fixed some of the most prominent bugs:

    -Removed unnecessary masters (Automatron DLC no longer required)
    -Fixed supressor positions
    -Added AWKCR compatibility
    -Fixed Dugout Inn bug and removed it from that location.
  2. xXDeathMetalThrasherXx
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    Would've been nice if you uploaded a version without the akwcr support. It wont even appear in game with console commands. I already fixed it myself with creation tool
  3. Kiuko
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    No idea why the gun doesn't appear in the workbench, but I was able to spawn one from the console. Type "help an94 4 weap" and it will provide you with the item code. I had no problem obtaining one this way and it works perfectly.
    1. MoreofaCherry
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      This post helped a s***-ton, thank you.
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    если вожможность получить фаил без привязки к armorkeywords
  5. Kinnapegg
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    any chance of a future update featuring a short AK105 length barrel and even shorter AKS74U length barrel along with an HK/ A-545C style of collapsible stock??

    also some of the Muzzle devices and stocks used by Gennidy Nikonov on his abakan prototypes
    1 NA-2
    2 NA-4
    3 AS-1
    4 AO-222 (AS-2)
    5 WS-229(AS-3)
    6 PU-192 (AS-4)
    7 OK-158 (AS-5)
    8 MA-49 (AS-6)
    9 MA-50 (AS-7)
    116P33 (PreProduction)
    12 AN-94
  6. AndreAIXIDOR
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    So for people figuring out the problem of this weapon and for the author itself:

    - the author forget to add the workbench keyword in constructible object record so it doesn't show in the workbench
    - the author use a quest to add the weapon to the leveled list but there isn't the actual script attached to the mod (the .pex file) so the quest turns empty and the weapon don't get added

    -add the keyword to the constructible object so you can craft the weapon
    -write a script to add the weapon to the leveled list and then attach it to the quest OR simply add the weapon to the proper leveled list with CK or FO4Edit, I have done the second

    If someone want the the updated esp (for personal use) I can share it; I don't know if I can post it on the nexus
    1. CrashnBurn66
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      Thatd be awesome if you could, I dont rally wanna mess with the scripts but I guess I could watch tutorials and do that if you cant upload it.
  7. hoangdai94
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    leveled list option please
  8. CrashnBurn66
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    So is this mod completely broken or what? I cant seem to figure out how to spawn it in console or anything, didn't even know it wasn't in the dugout inn anymore until I checked here, it seems some people have it working just fine and others dont, and those who post that they've figured it out haven't shared any info at all about it it seems so Im lost lol. its a shame too, I really want this gun in game, it looks well done if only it was obtainable.
  9. NCArent
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    First off, very nice looking mod. I'm using the wardaddy animations as recommended, and it looks great. I also love the two-shot burst mode. Very well done! However, there are a number of substantial problems with the implementation. Here's what I think those are and how I've fixed them with a combination of FO4edit and Creation Kit.

    Again, I'm using the esp provided in the wardaddy animations, so these may or may not be problems for others using the basic esp.

    1) Most importantly, the weapon seems to be unobtainable.
    1a) As mentioned in the sticky from 28 Sept 2016, this was removed from its static location in the Dugout inn. Maybe it's placed somewhere else, but I haven't found it.
    1b) Nor does it appear to be included in leveled lists, so it doesn't occur in vendor inventories or on enemies/NPCs. I've only played a little while with the mod, so maybe it just never randomly spawned for me. I'm impatient.
    1c) It doesn't appear to be craftable.

    In FO4edit, it is apparent that 1c is due to the fact that the craftable object doesn't have a workbench keyword. I made it craftable at the chem lab by adding the chemlab BNAM keyword and creating a workbench Recipe Filter FNAM keyword.

    2) The damage is too low. With the advanced receiver and .308 ammo (and max Rifleman and max Lone Wanderer), it does 127. Other .308 weapons like the max power hunting rifle in .308 or the .308 converted combat rifle do ~160. Easy fix. Increase damage multipliers for Advanced receiver and .308 conversion in CK.

    3) It is too heavy. I play with weapons re-weighted because the way FO4 handles weapon weight is just silly. My maxed out .50 cal hunting rifle weights just over 10 lbs. This shouldn't weigh more than that. Again, simple fix: turn down weight increase multipliers for mods in CK.

    I'm pretty sure Corvalho1 isn't coming back to work on this, but I'd like to commend him for an excellent looking model, and I hope these suggestions can help anyone who has similar difficulties with getting the AN94.
    1. Matrix363
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      Can i have one of your edited one for personal use ?
  10. ProtectorNova
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    Can you please release an optional file without Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource????
  11. Maxw3ll90
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    happy when it appears without AWKCR