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I'm here to bring you one of my oldies, my ol' AN94 Abakan ported into Fallout 4, this
is no mere port however, I worked my ass off to make it Commonwealth worthy.

Using the assets of fellow modders I made it fully modular, prioritizing looks over realism,
I'm fully aware that some attachments couldn't be a thing in real life.

As for lore friendly-ness I guess it's as friendly as any real weapon mods out there,
I tried to give it some sense by placing it around Vadin and Yefin who appear to have an
Eastern European accent, along with an Ushanka hat and Vodka, so it's as Russian related
as the Commonwealth allowed me to make it.

Another feature I'm quite proud of, is the possibility to change the weapon skins, going
as far as being compatible with the perks the Hot Rodder magazines provides to the sole
survivor, matching the power armor paintjobs.


As somewhat of a rare rifle, I thought this shouldn't be all around the wasteland
in the hands of raiders or super mutants, so you can find in the corridor in the
back of the Dugout Inn.


Preferably use NMM to install, alternatively extract the content into your Fallout 4 folder. To uninstall simply remove
the files from the same folder.


Corvalho - AN94 (full rifle, bayonet models, rail mount), PS01 scope textures, and the one who put it all together.
Rafael De Jngh - AN94 texturing, Hi-Tech Supressor
Yogensia - Regular Supressor
Samm Varnish - PS01 scope model
Odec3D - AK mount model
Paul Yakushev - Magazine Variants
Millenia - 100 rounds mag, AKM stock
Tigg & Yukzx - Elcan Spectre Scope
ImBrokeRU - Codename RU-556 Stock, L96 Sniper Stock