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Add some variety to those rusty old car wrecks!

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This very simple mod aim is to increase the realism of Boston environment. 
I always found the it unnatural, that there are no taxis or police cars in Fallout 4.
That's why I created this mod, which adds 4 new types of vehicles into the Commonwealth: a police cruiser, taxi, ambulance and an army truck.
You can find them scattered in the Wasteland. The new vehicles added by me are destructible. That means if you shoot them, they explode like the vanilla cars.
If you think I should add another type of car/vehicle, please write your idea in the comments.
UPDATE 1.6 - Redone two vehicles: The army truck and the firetruck. Also fixed some bugs related to the collision. Both the army truck and the firetruck have working and proper collision now. Fixed the missing texture on one of the cars.

Made in CK, NifSkope and 3ds Max.