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For those of us getting grey chrome textures.

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These are just the vanilla reflection maps; no changes, no edits, no improvements. Just vanilla textures.

Why, you ask? If you're like me and you use some degree of mods with new textures and an ENB, you might notice that Fallout 4 sometimes doesn't load in these reflection maps like it is supposed to. Even if you don't have any mods that feature chrome-looking things, you might at least notice that metal crates and Codsworth can sometimes look a bit dull.

What? You mean I can just restart Fallout 4 and it'll work fine again? Whippee! But wait, what if it doesn't? What if chrome things show up a dull grey or oily black almost every time?

Well, if you're worried about just that, this mod(?) is for you! GONE are the days of cruddy reflection map loading!

NOTE: For users of Enhanced Blood Textures: you are more than welcome to overwrite anything from this mod with cubemaps from EBT. The blood puddle specular options will do part of what this mod does while making puddles look better, since they are actually improved from vanilla. That particular cubemap (though a bonified reflection map) does not affect chrome textures (like the ones used on Codsworth).

If installing via NMM, and you get a popup saying that a particular file is already provided by Enhanced Blood Textures, you can skip it.


Q - Do I need this?
A - Probably not, but I find it helpful as it reduces the frequency of my reflection maps not loading in properly, and I need those to load right for my Carbon-Chrome Combat Armor!

Q - You did make it HD or something, right?
A - Nope. :D

Q - Is this mod lore-friendly?
A - This mod is so lore-friendly, it's already in the game! I just pulled it out of BA2 files for a better loading sequence!

Q - Will this mod be available for Xbox One?
A - I have uploaded and updated this file and it is up on Bethesda.net.

DISCLAIMER: The textures used in this mod are 100% vanilla assets. They are not edited in any way from Bethesda's own work, and they are not intended to be. The true point of this mod is not the files in it but rather the application thereof. I do not and will not take credit for the creation of the textures featured in this mod, as such belongs entirely to Bethesda and the team(s) who worked on these files.