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Hack robots from any distance again.

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When Bethesda updated Fallout to 1.3, they accidentally made it so you could use Robotics Expert from any distance.
When they updated again, they eventually "fixed" this by making it so you would have to be riding the robot before you had the option to do so. Of course, this messes with immersion quite a great deal...

My mod aims to bring back the hack.

My mod lets you hijack the radio from your Pip-boy to hijack any signals the bots are using and [blah blah blah] and hack them from any distance.

It's my first mod, so if you run into any issues with it let me know. It's just a tiny script edit so it really shouldn't change much. it SHOULD be compatible with any mod that adds or edits the radio stations in the game.

How to use:
1) Have Robotics Expert perk
2) Turn on your radio
3) (You might have to aim down your sight??)

I figured, if you're hacking robots then you're probably trying to sneak? I think the radio makes it harder to sneak or something, so maybe it's sorta balanced...ish?

=alternate download available that uses sneaking instead of the radio=

how to install:
Unzip the file into the Fallout4/Data folder