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Simple file. Overrides the changes to the Diamond City Guard Outfits.

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For some reason Armorsmith Extended's mod author decided to make changes to the outfits worn by Diamond City guards to include baseball-related equipment like batting helmets, baseball caps and uniforms. Please note I have no ill towards AE or the mod author, it's just a change I can't find a reason to have and personally, I feel it ruins "security officer" look Bethesda was going for. Looking at a Diamond City guard you could immediately tell they were the police of the city even from a distance by their signature umpire gear outfit and helm. Having them wearing anything else just doesn't seem right and looks odd with the bright white baseball uniform worn underneath. Unfortunately if you use AE you're kind of stuck with it.

So this file is simple, it overrides the change to the outfits worn by DC guards reverting it to the vanilla record. It may take awhile for the effects to kick in, usually when a cell reset occurs and the guards respawn. Alternatively you can open the console, click on the actor and type recycleactor to force their inventory and outfit to reset. Alternatively you can remove the effect from AE by removing the following entry from it using FO4Edit:

Outfit > DmndSecurityOutfit

Otherwise place DCGuardOutfitOverride.esp file lower in your load order below Armorsmith Extended.esp to revert the outfits back to their vanilla state.