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Badass but beautiful survivor looking for vengeance! If you like sassy, smart redheads (yeah, I know, another redhead) then this girl is for you!

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(Don't want to start over to use a new character face? Go checkout the Fallout 4 Face Ripper at http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3878/?).

Before the war, she was the perfect mom, wife, and secret CIA operative (even hubby didn't know but how else do you explain those mad skills?). Now she's all business, hair up, game face on, and ready to take on the apocalypse! Her name is Madeleine, but friends call her Maddie and enemies call her simply Mad. 

* Update - Managed to recreate the look almost perfectly for a pre-Vault save, and a pre-Vault exit save, and have added those files and put the previous one as an old file. (Screenshots using Vivid Hair Hair Color and Eyes of Beauty.)

Going through the Vault, she picked up only the basics, and a few items like cigarettes for possible trades and extra vault suits for clothes and to (RP) create a makeshift backpack. Because really, who thinks when they just woke up after nuclear war that they should start picking up tin cans and beer bottles and carrying them around?

Also changed the name to Madeleine instead of Madeline so that Codsworth can say the name (it's on his list of ones he can say - http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Codsworth/recognized_names).