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This mod allows you to choose how many Perk Points are gained when leveling up. F4SE isn't needed.

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This mod gives the player more Perk Points to spend when leveling up. While a mod that does this already exists I see no harm in having one that can work without F4SE.

This mod uses a FOMOD installer that let's you pick how many points you wish to get when leveling up. The current options are from 2 - 10 points. If you'd like to see a certain option available post a comment and convince me to add it.

I mainly made this to see if it was possible to do without the Script Extender, and lo and behold it is possible. I simply set up a quest that adds the desired number of perk points and made it trigger when the Increase Level SM Event Node fired. I do however believe that the other mod is far superior to mine and allows a lot of customization options that mine can't easily.