Water Purification Stations by Flipdeezy
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Last updated at 23:30, 18 Sep 2016 Uploaded at 23:00, 18 Sep 2016

Small mod that allows you to craft Water Purification stations. It always seemed weird that you could just boil water and remove radiation. This mod adds 2 new custom workstations which allow you to craft purified water with Rad-away and Rad-X.

The crafting stations require quite a bit of resources, as well as science and chemist perks. This balances things out a bit. This mod was inspired by Immersive Water Purification Overhaul by OldManWithers

There is also an optional file which removes crafting Purified water from cooking stations. this will make the game harder on HC mode. Use only one or the other not both.

The crafting stations are found under the water resources menu. See Screenshots for requirements.

Place the mod below any mods that edit the cooking station/water crafting recipes if using the HC option so it wont be overwritten.

I made this for my personal play through and thought I would share it. 


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